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Entertron Announces Elite-2000 now capable of 2 amp transistor output

Gasport, NY - May 10, 2002 -- Entertron Industries Inc., the innovation leader in programmable logic controller solutions announces improved DC output ratings for the Elite-2000 solid state embedded programmable logic controller.

The design for the Elite-2000 transistor output has been improved to a rating of 2 amps continuous / 8 amp inrush from a previous rating of .5 amps continous / 5 amp inrush.

The new rating puts the Elite-2000 in a class of its own. Traditional PLCs offer transistor ratings of between 100 mA and 1 amp per output point. Most PLCs put restrictions on their ratings, due to the common rating. The Elite-2000 common is rated at 8 amps, therefore you have the full rating of both the output and the common. No restrictions apply.

The Elite-2000 continues to offer a 2 amp triac / 10 amp inrush AC triac output. Along with the built in surpression and fusing, The Elite-2000 provides the reliability of solid state control and the current driving capabilities of relay outputs.

Entertron provides a 5 year warranty with the Elite-2000.

For more information about the Elite-2000 visit our web page.

About Entertron:

Entertron Industries is an American manufacturer of embedded programmable logic controllers and operator interfaces since 1978. Solutions have been successfully deployed in various industries ranging from mobile applications requiring 12 VDC power (car crushers, radio frequency remote controls, parade floats); 24 VAC applications (car washes and HVAC) to your more traditional applications for PLCs (dock levelers, elevators, packaging equipment).


Stephen Luft
Entertron Industries, Inc.
Phone: (716) 772-7216
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.entertron.com

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