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Entertron Announces Release of Ethernet to Serial Gateway for All Entertron ePLC Products

Gasport, NY - April 30, 2002 -- Entertron Industries Inc., the innovation leader in programmable logic controller solutions announces the release an Ethernet to serial gateway, for all ePLC products.

Entertron is releasing the Nport Ethernet to serial gateway. This product will allow the user to connect an Entertron ePLC, through either RS232 or RS485 port to an Ethernet network.

Features in this gateway include:

Auto-Detecting 10/100 Mbps
Interface either RS232 or RS485
Complete TCP/IP protcol
Automatic Network Connection Recovery
The Nport gives you the capability of monitoring / modifying Entertron's ePLCs from any computer connected to an intranet network.

Using a reverse (cross) cable, you can extend the RS232 communications range.

The Nport will work with both of Entertron's protocols - ASCII and ModBus.

Use of the Nport gateway with any Entertron controller, enables immediate access to an ethernet network. Through software provided, the Nport gateway IP address can be configured to any address, ideal for existing networks.

The Nport gateway comes complete with the following:

Nport ethernet gateway
Manual - (on Eware32 CD)
Configuration Software and Protocols (on Eware32 CD)
Entertron serial cable for connection from ePLC to Nport
Power adapter

About Entertron:
Entertron Industries is an American manufacturer of embedded programmable logic controllers and operator interfaces since 1978. Solutions have been successfully deployed in various industries ranging from mobile applications requiring 12 VDC power (car crushers, radio frequency remote controls, parade floats); 24 VAC applications (car washes and HVAC) to your more traditional applications for PLCs (dock levelers, elevators, packaging equipment).

Stephen Luft
Entertron Industries, Inc.
Phone: (716) 772-7216
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.entertron.com

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