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Entertron Celebrates 25 years of providing PLC solutions to OEMs

Gasport, NY - January 21, 2003 -- Entertron Industries Inc., the innovation leader in programmable logic controller solutions celebrates 25 years of business.

Founded in 1978, Entertron offered one of the first embedded / board level programmable logic controllers. The PLC marketplace at the time was focused mainly on large rack style PLCs. Entertron was one of the first to offer a small PLC (now known today as micro PLCs)

Entertron's first benchmark product was the SK1600. A solid state controller that was manufactured with either AC or DC I/O. Two of the features that made this controller truly revolutionary were the 2 amp triac / transistor rating and the indivdually fused outputs.

When the personal computer became part of the automation environment, Entertron was one of the first manufacturers to offer PC based ladder logic programming software. Not only was it PC based, but it was also Free of charge.

Since the company's founding, Entertron has continually introduced new and innovative PLC solutions and programs.

8 bit analog with SK1600-RSA (1990)
12 bit analog in micro PLC with Smart-PAK PLUS(1996)
Thermocouple and RTD inputs in micro PLC with Smart-PAK PLUS(1998)
7 amp relay output rating with Smart-PAK PLUS(2000)
Free Windows based ladder logic programming software (2002)
5 year warranty on relay output controllers (Smart-PAK series / SK1600-RIC) (2002)
7 year warranty on solid state controller - Elite-2000 (2002)
In addition to providing a group of off the shelf ePLCs that are second to none, Entertron has also provided many custom solutions. Entertron's ability to modify existing off the shelf controllers to meet specific requirements that other PLCs are unable to accomplish has also set us apart from the larger PLC manufacturers.

In the near future, Entertron will be displaying application information on its web site, emphasizing our flexibility and capabilities of our products. Stay tuned.

We would like to extend our thanks to our customers, employees and vendors that have had a hand in making Entertron an innovation leader in the world of PLCs.

About Entertron:

Entertron Industries is an American manufacturer of embedded programmable logic controllers, offering operator interfaces, touch screens and other peripherals since 1978. Solutions have been successfully deployed in various industries ranging from mobile applications requiring 12 VDC power (car crushers, radio frequency remote controls, parade floats); 24 VAC applications (car washes and HVAC) to your more traditional applications for PLCs (vehicle restraints, elevators, packaging equipment).

E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.entertron.com
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