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Entivity, Inc. Announces Transaction Express, to be Featured First in the Newest VLC Release, Version 6.1

March 172010
ANN ARBOR, MI – MAY 5, 2003 Entivity, Inc. the leading supplier of PC-based automation and control software has released the newest component of its popular PC-Based control systems, Transaction Express. Transaction Express is a global data port that allows Controls Engineers and IT Professionals to gather and modify data within Entivity data tables, quickly and easily. VLC 6.1 will be the first Entivity product to include the new tool.

Transaction Express is a major step in making Entivity products more versatile and connected to the top-level networks. Transaction Express contains the following features:

· OPC to SQL Functionality

o Connect to the Entivity VLC OPC Server and read/ write data values to an SQL database. Uses the Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) technology to provide Robust Data Delivery

· OPC to OPC Functionality

o Connect to any number of third-party OPC Servers to the Entivity VLC OPC Server to provide clean data sharing. This functionality is most commonly referred to as an OPC gateway.

· File Logging Functionality

o Write any VLC data to a disk file. This logging capability can be an event-based or time-based operation.

With all of the new functionality Transaction Express provides, Entivity VLC becomes a product that can share data with any number of other products, which makes production a more reliable process.

In addition to Transaction Express, VLC 6.1 has also added a number of driver updates and functionality to the already solid framework in VLC.

About Entivity

Entivity products and services address project collaboration, automation software solutions, asset utilization and information connectivity throughout extended manufacturing enterprises. For more information, visit the Entivity web site at www.entivity.com or call 800-722-6875.

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