European research initiative EUREKA presented at HANNOVER MESSE |

European research initiative EUREKA presented at HANNOVER MESSE

February 022010
February 2, 2010 - Hannover. For the first time the European research initiative EUREKA will be represented with its own stand at Research & Technology, which forms part of HANNOVER MESSE 2010 (19-23 April). This presentation underlines the strategic importance of the Innovations Market for Research and Development in Hall 2.

"We want to emphasize the contribution that EUREKA makes as a central European platform with respect to the international networking of industrial research, technological progress and innovation. HANNOVER MESSE affords an ideal setting due to its huge high-tech diversity and international scope, not least the exhibitors and visitors from numerous countries. No other single event offers us such a convincing combination of important factors - Hannover is uniquely suited as a showcase for our initiative", says Luuk Borg, Director of EUREKA.

EUREKA is an inter-governmental organization. The governments of all its member nations and the European Commission will be represented in Hannover. The policy guidelines of the EUREKA initiative and the administrative support of the various European projects within it are determined through the decentralized network of its members. The chair alternates between the individual member states and is responsible for coordinating political and strategic development. The nation that holds the chairmanship is represented in each of the constituent bodies that make up EUREKA's organizational structure.

Germany holds the chair of the EUREKA initiative until summer 2010
Germany will chair EUREKA from 1 July 2009 until June 2010. The role of the chairmanship is to sustain the momentum of the work and pursue the strategic development of EUREKA by actively encouraging the network's efforts to develop a European research and innovation area. One key goal is to support and promote the participation of SME's in international collaborative projects.

Located within the international mix of high-tech and business afforded by HANNOVER MESSE, the trade fair Research & Technology, in tandem with the EUREKA initiative, offers ideal conditions for technology and research-led companies to find business leads in the international arena. The event is a platform for knowledge transfer and matchmaking at the highest level.

A further highlight linked to EUREKA's appearance at HANNOVER MESSE will be the presentation of the EUREKA Innovation Award to the three finalists of this competition. The finalists will complete the line-up of top-flight speakers from the different EUREKA clusters addressing the visitors, who come from across the globe to what is undeniably the world's most important technology event.

Germany Ministry for Education and Research an important sponsor of EUREKA
The main partner and actually an initiator of the European research initiative EUREKA in Germany is the Ministry for Education and Research. The aim of the initiative is to encourage trans-national projects and collaboration between companies, scientific institutes and governments in R&D activities in Europe. As a platform for market-oriented, cross-border networking of partners from the research sector, the scientific community, business and politics, EUREKA aims to ensure the sustainable, long-term competitiveness of European companies through the coordination and optimization of existing knowledge and financial resources in Europe. With its market-driven, flexible approach to the promotion of themes and projects which are realized by the respective industries, EUREKA makes an important contribution and complements the EU Research Framework Program.

EUREKA was formed in 1985 following the adoption of the "Hanover Declaration", which was accepted at a conference of 18 ministers held in Hannover from 5-6 November 1985. Some twenty-five years later the European research initiative to support the technological development of European industry is returning to Hannover at the trade fair Research & Technology. Currently, EUREKA comprises 38 countries and the European Commission, which are all represented as full members.
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