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Evolution Robotics Ships ERSP 3.0 - Next Generation of the Robotic Development Platform with Breakthrough Navigation and Vision Technologies

March 172004
The ERSP 3.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) Offers Companies a First-of-its-Kind Comprehensive Platform for Developing Robotic Applications with Autonomous Navigation and Vision Functionality

Pasadena, CA-March 16, 2004- Evolution Robotics, a leading provider of next-generation robotics solutions, today announced the availability of ERSP 3.0 and the ERSP Scorpion robot, a comprehensive development platform for creating robotic products from the ground up or adding robotic functionality to existing products. The complete SDK includes critical infrastructure, core capabilities such as advanced navigation and vision technology, development tools, documentation, sample code and thorough API documentation, allowing companies to create powerful autonomous applications quickly and easily.

Enhancements to ERSP 3.0 include:

- Navigation including patent-pending vSLAM(tm), enables robots and other devices to be fully autonomous, move safely in their environment with knowledge of their location, recover from being picked up and moved (kidnapping), build maps, plan paths to reach specific destinations, and locate and dock into charging stations - all with a single low-cost camera.

- Improved APIs provide deeper access to the vision algorithm that drives object recognition and much of the navigation components. Developers will be able to utilize more of the technology for application development.

- Improved documentation includes a completely new User Manual, Getting Started Guide, Tutorial Workbook, and over 1500 pages of hypertext-searchable API documentation.

- The upgraded graphical development tools include a Behavior Composer that enables drag-and-drop application development and manipulation.

- The optional Scorpion robot is designed specifically for use with ERSP 3.0 to accelerate the development process.

"ERSP 3.0 is a huge step forward in the field of robot development", said Paolo Pirjanian, Chief Scientist for Evolution Robotics. "Version 3.0 includes navigation solutions never before available. Now, companies will be able to develop fully autonomous products with extremely low-cost sensors. The navigation technology even solves the long-standing problem of robot kidnapping."

Developed by leading roboticists, along with software engineers well versed in creating commercial products, the hardware and OS independent ERSP 3.0 allows companies to create real, applicable, and commercial products quickly and easily. Developers will get professional-level tools, technical support and documentation that will make their jobs easier, allowing them to focus on developing creative applications, rather than low-level code.

"The release of ERSP 3.0 ushers in a new era of robotics, enabling companies to build powerful autonomous products for a variety of uses", said Alec Hudnut, President of Evolution Robotics. "For the first time, businesses in any market are able to create applications easily and economically. With customers such as Sony, Bandai, and many other household brands, Evolution Robotics continues to lead the way in providing breakthrough navigation and vision technology to aid the development of the most sophisticated, intelligent robotic products."

ERSP 3.0 is available as an SDK or in a multiuse, redistribution license. The companion SDK Robot is available. Visit www.evolution.com for more details.

About Evolution Robotics

Evolution Robotics(tm) provides state-of-the-art robotics software technologies, embedded systems and professional services that assist manufacturers in bringing robotic products to market. The Evolution Robotics Software Platform (ERSP(tm)) includes a state-of-the-art robotics software architecture, application development tools, and core robotic functionality modules in the areas of computer vision, autonomous navigation, and human-robot interaction. These technologies are designed to be ported to various platforms and processors to support clients' needs, whether for high-volume, low-cost consumer products, or custom solutions. Evolution Robotics mission is to accelerate the robotics industry and help spur the creation of a variety of highly functional robot products that will become indispensable in our daily lives, at home and at work. Evolution Robotics is an operating company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses. www.evolution.com

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