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Exele Releases New Version of OPC Calculation Engine

OPCcalc 3.1.6 released
New features include Web queries, tag abbreviations, improved performance

September 11, 2006 - OPCcalc allows you to easily create process calculations that use OPC tags as inputs to equations and outputs of results. Based on Microsoft Visual Basic.Net, OPCcalc handles all of the "plumbing" for your equations, letting you concentrate on your calculation logic. Trusted around the globe by some of the world's largest process companies, OPCcalc brings unmatched performance and features to OPC-based calculations.

OPCcalc 3.1.6 new features include
  • Ability to query HTML web page data for use in your calculations. Retrieve numeric and string information from web pages for use in your calculations
  • Equation Editor Tag List displays all tags and values in the current library. Updating tag list allows you to quickly view the current value, quality and timestamp of all tags used in your equations
  • Abbreviations for long tag names. Tag prefixes allow you to abbreviate common tag name prefixes
  • Advanced information regarding equation logic errors available to running equations. In the case of logic run-time errors (e.g. divide by zero exceptions), equation can retrieve detailed information regarding the error and description. This information can be used as part of the equation logic and/or logged to the OPCcalc daily log file
  • Various performance enhancements for improved user interaction and stability
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