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exida certifies Bently Nevada gas detection monitor

September 2, 2009 - exida certified the design and engineering processes for GE Energy’s Bently Nevada 3500/63 Gas Detection Monitor as suitable for applications up to and including SIL 2 per IEC 61508.

The 3500/63 Gas Detection Monitor, which is part of the Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Protection System, is the latest addition to the 3500 Series Functional Safety (FS) offerings and also includes Overspeed Detection, Radial Vibration, Thrust Position, Case Vibration, Temperature and Process Variable Input monitors. The Bently Nevada protection systems contribute to significant safety enhancements by enabling the initiation of automatic shutdown of critical production machinery and early detection of system characteristics that may precede hazardous failure. GE’s System 1 condition monitoring software platform further complements the 3500 monitor’s capabilities by quickly delivering information about complex machine problems in a straightforward manner.

“Most customers and regulatory agencies require certification of protective instrumentation systems used in safety critical applications,” says Iwan van Beurden, director of engineering for exida. “These applications, where the cost of a false or missed trip can be enormous, require instrumentation be capable of meeting stringent quantitative safety and reliability assessments.”

“We switched to exida certification because we wanted an open IEC 61508 certification using full probabilistic analysis methods that provides our customers clear visibility into the certification process,” says Landon Boyer, product line manager, Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring, GE Energy. “Exida even offered training and helped us develop our own FMEDA analysis capability which will dramatically reduce the time and effort to develop and certify future products.”

About exida:
exida is a certification and research firm specializing in safety critical and high availability automation systems. exida has performed more process control safety certifications than any other company worldwide. exida's main offices are located in Sellersville, PA, USA and Munich, Germany. exida has worldwide operations with service centers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, and New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

About GE Energy’s Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring:
GE Energy serves the condition monitoring needs of a variety of industries through our comprehensive portfolio of Bently Nevada machinery protection solutions. Headquartered in Minden, Nev., the Bently Nevada product line has been helping customers improve the reliability and performance of their operations for more than 50 years.
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