Experience Moxa EDS-518A and win a 2006 FIFA World Cup ball | Automation.com

Experience Moxa EDS-518A and win a 2006 FIFA World Cup ball

Experience Moxa EDS-518A and win a 2006 FIFA World Cup ball
Taipei, Taiwan, 21 June, 2006—Moxa launched its EDS-518A Industrial Ethernet Switch on June 9th, which is a significant date for fans of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Games. In order to celebrate this big event with current and potential end-users of Moxa products, Moxa Networking has planned a Lucky Draw event. Winners of the drawing will receive an official 2006 FIFA World Cup Ball, with a new winner chosen each week from the pool of registrants. The Lucky Draw Event will last until July 31. To register for this event, visit Moxa's website. Click the "Starting a New Gigabit Generation" banner near the top of the page, and then answer three simple questions. Who knows? You might be the next winner of a 2006 FIFA World Cup Ball!

EDS-518A is a standalone 18-port managed Ethernet switch that provides 2 combo gigabit ports with built-in RJ45 or SFP ports for gigabit optic communication. Just as the 2006 FIFA World Cup Games is an exciting event for the sporting world, EDS-518A is a breakthrough product for Industrial Automation fields. EDS-518A, with its two built-in gigabit ports, gives end-users an easy way to shift Megabit application networks to the New Gigabit Generation. The rugged design and compact size make EDS-518A an intelligent choice for IA applications in the new era.

About MOXA
Moxa Networking is part of the Moxa Group, a conglomerate that manufactures device networking products for industrial automation. Information about all Moxa products, which include industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, multiport serial cards, and embedded device servers, is available on the Moxa Group’s corporate website.
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