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Falcon Electric wins Award for UPS

Falcon Electric wins Award for UPS
Falcon continues to receive coveted award due to superior technology

IRWINDALE, Calif. - February 7, 2007 - Falcon Electric announced that its line of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) for demanding computing environments is the repeat recipient of the Chaos Manor Users Choice Award. Dr. Jerry Pournelle, renowned columnist and science fiction writer, again awarded the prestigious title to Falcon's UPS models for superior power protection and reliability. Falcon was the only UPS vendor to win this year's Users Choice Award.

For the past few years, Falcon's line of UPSs has continued to win this esteemed accolade. Given only to systems that Dr. Pournelle personally tests and currently uses, the Users Choice Award is bestowed to products in several categories including Monitors, UPSs and System of the Year.

"Many police and fire departments depend on Falcon. If your work is worth anything, it's worth protecting with a UPS, and Falcon is the best I know," commented Pournelle, editor of Chaos Manor Reviews. "Whether your problem is power failures, brownouts, or variable voltages including surges, Falcon systems are up to the job," Pournelle added.

"It's an honor to keep receiving this award from a highly respected editor such as Dr. Pournelle," stated Falcon Electric's Engineering Manager, Michael Stout. "We are pleased and excited to know that our UPS technology continues to surpass the needs and expectations of our users year after year."

In addition to protecting sensitive equipment from power disruptions, Pournelle emphasized extended capabilities and security stating, "Falcon UPS systems can be connected to your local network and will cause your systems to automatically transfer files then do an orderly shut down. You may not need that capability, but if you do, it's there."

Falcon's UPS units feature a true double-conversion regenerative on-line design to provide the highest level of power protection. Designed for a wide range of applications, Falcon UPSs provide continuous, clean and tightly regulated power for demanding computing environments. Falcon's advanced UPS units also include frequency converter capabilities, hot swappable batteries, extended run-times, a wide input voltage window and precision output voltage regulation for superior brownout, surge and transient protection.

About Falcon Electric
Headquartered in Irwindale, Calif., Falcon Electric, Inc. is a leading supplier of power protection and conversion solutions. For almost two decades, Falcon has been dedicated to offering the latest in technology, superior engineering standards, and unmatched technical support and customized solutions. Falcon manufactures power systems that meet the exacting standards of the government, financial, telecom, computer, automation and other industries that demand the highest product reliability to meet their critical power needs.
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