FANUC Robotics to Introduce New M-6iB/6S Robot Series Solution Arm |

FANUC Robotics to Introduce New M-6iB/6S Robot Series Solution Arm

August 252005
FANUC Robotics to Introduce New M-6iB/6S Robot Series Solution Arm
ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., Sept. 27, 2005 – FANUC Robotics America, Inc. will introduce the new M-6iB/6S Solution Arm during the 2005 International Robots and Vision Show, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Ill., Sept. 27-29, booth #1108.

The Solution Arm is the latest member of the popular M-6iB/6S robot series, which now offers several model variations and enhanced performance options to meet the needs of customers with high speed, light weight applications for assembly, part transfer, picking and packing.

According to Joe Portelli, FANUC Robotics’ material handling product manager, the variations and enhancements to the M-6iB/6S series raise the bar for high-speed motion. “While competing articulated robots may be able to achieve these rates for short-duration bursts, a new High Duty variation of the M-6iB/6S allows it to maintain high speeds for extended periods.

At the show, the M-6iB/6S Solution Arm, equipped with FANUC’s V-500iA/2DV vision sensor will demonstrate the advantages of using visual line tracking to pick and transfer randomly placed parts from a moving conveyor.

“We’re demonstrating that the six-axis M-6iB/6S is a better alternative to commonly used high-speed SCARA and Cartesian robots. The speed combined with flexibility makes the M-6iB/6S a great value,” said Portelli.

Model variations of the M-6iB/6S series
The M-6iB/2HS is a 2kg high-speed variant optimized for applications that require extremely rapid pick and place operations, such as picking, packing or part transfer. This model variation features revised motors and drive trains for “best in class” speed.

The M-6iB/6S Solution Arm and M-6iB/2HS Solution Arm variants feature a new hollow wrist and pre-engineered EOAT cabling. Key features and benefits:

  • Reduced time and cost of EOAT dress-out
  • Improved EOAT cabling service life

    M-6iB/6S series performance enhancements
    The M-6iB/6S-10kg option is for those applications requiring higher payloads than the standard 6kg payload. The 10kg option is 100% software; there are no mechanical differences between the standard 6kg model and the M-6iB/6S-10kg option. Key features and benefits include:

  • Payload increased from 6kg to10kg
  • Higher moments and inertia
  • No restrictions in robot motion
  • Same work envelope as standard M-6iB/6S 6kg
  • Identical mechanical unit to standard M-6iB/6S 6kg
  • Easy to retrofit between the 6kg and 10kg capabilities

    The M-6iB/6S High Duty option is an ideal solution for applications requiring sustained high-speed motion, such as assembly and parts transfer. Key features and benefits include:

  • 12% faster cycle times than standard M-6iB/6S
  • Easy to retrofit between the M-6iB/6S and M-6iB/2HS

    The M-6iB/6S series features a compact mechanical unit combined with class-leading cycle time performance. The industry benchmark 1"-12"-1" cycle can be completed in 0.64 sec with a 2kg payload. With a 951mm reach radius, 6kg nominal payload, and axis speeds enhanced by as much as 52% versus the standard M-6iB, the M-6iB/6S is ideal for a variety of robotic applications:

  • Machine loading - minimize robot load/unload cycle time, equating to higher machine productivity
  • Picking/packing - accommodate sustained high throughputs typical of consumer goods applications
  • Assembly - compact robot arm integrates easily, R-J3iB controller supports high-level software, vision, and motion functions
  • Material Removal - reach, dexterity, and rigidity for light-duty deburring, deflashing, and polishing

    The M-6iB/6S robot shares the same controller, motors, and connection cables as the standard M-6iB robot, but some drive train components have been changed to achieve the higher speed performance. The base configuration of the M-6iB/6S robot includes a "B" size R-J3iB controller and i Pendant.

    The versatile M-6iB/6S can be mounted in multiple positions, including: floor, angle, wall, and overhead, thus increasing cell design flexibility. With the highest motion speeds in its class, the robot is able to achieve the fastest possible production rates. The small size of the M-6iB/6S enables manufacturers to install multiple robots in close proximity, saving valuable floor space.

    FANUC Robotics America, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures industrial robots and robotic systems for a wide range of applications including arc and spot welding, material handling (machine tending, picking, packing, palletizing), material removal, assembly, paint finishing and dispensing. The company also provides application-specific software, controls, vision products, and complete aftermarket support. After 23 years of success, FANUC Robotics maintains its position as the leading robotics company in the Americas. A subsidiary of FANUC LTD in Japan, the company has facilities in Chicago; Los Angeles; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio; Toronto; Montreal; Aguascalientes, Mexico; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over 145,000 FANUC robots are installed worldwide. Contact FANUC Robotics at or by calling 800-47-ROBOT.
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