Fire Departments Around The Country Select Emergency Response Software From Mapping Solutions And GiveMePower |

Fire Departments Around The Country Select Emergency Response Software From Mapping Solutions And GiveMePower

April 272004
New Software Solution Helps Firefighters And Rescue Response Workers Save Lives

OREGON CITY, Oregon and LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Mapping Solutions Inc., a leading provider of software and services for the public safety and telecommunications industries, and GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), a leading provider of graphics software for mobile, wireless and desktop solution development, today announced that five fire departments across the country have placed orders for Mapping Solutions’ new FIREbasePIP™ emergency response software.

FIREbasePIP, developed jointly by Mapping Solutions and GiveMePower, is a new emergency response software system designed to assist fire, police, EMS and homeland security agencies bring people to safety faster and more efficiently. Installed across an agency’s central computing network and on mobile, in-vehicle-mounted computers, FIREbasePIP allows rescue agencies to create pre-incident plans, and to give emergency response workers instant access to evacuation routes and maps while on-route, helping save lives and property, and to dispel hazardous situations.

“We have equipped all of our emergency vehicles with FIREbase-equipped laptops so when dispatch calls, teams can punch up the location and instantly view the maps,” said Terry Scholl, Deputy Chief of the Creve Coeur Fire District in St. Louis County. Scholl explains, “One of the most important aspects is that we can add more and more to the maps all the time, and to instantly access information in the field, where we need it most. We were unable to do this with any other technology.”

“We developed FIREbasePIP by conducting focus groups and consulting with public safety professionals from all over the United States,” said Tim York, President of Mapping Solutions. “The result is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective pre-incident planning and in-field response system of its kind on the market. We expect to deploy FIREbase in hundreds of emergency response and homeland security organizations by the end of this year. ”

Agencies placing orders for FIREbasePIP include the City of Nashville Fire Department, the City of Chehalis Fire Department, Lewis Country Fire District, Elyria Fire Department and the City of East Nash Volunteer Fire Department.

At $495, FIREbasePIP is part of Mapping Solution’s complete line of FIREbase® emergency planning and response solutions, based on GiveMePower’s PowerCAD® graphics development software system. More information on FIREbasePIP and other Mapping Solutions software is available at Information on GiveMePower mobile, wireless and desktop software and developer partnering programs is available at

About Mapping Solutions
Established in 1981, Mapping Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of special-purpose geographic information and CAD-based software solutions, serving the public safety and telecommunications industries. Mapping Solutions also provides a full range of drafting, telecommunications design, file conversion and IT services. For more information on Mapping solutions products and services, please visit

About GiveMePower Corporation
GiveMePower develops, markets, and supports affordable, high-performance mobile, wireless and desktop software solutions for the $17.5-billion CAD/CAM software market. A Microsoft Mobile Solutions and Windows® Embedded Partner, an Intel® PCA Developer Network member and an IBM Business Partner, GiveMePower is the first company to offer full-featured 2 and 3-dimensional, AutoCAD®-compatible design and digital blueprint processing for desktop and laptop PCs, as well as the latest mobile and wireless Windows CE®, Windows CE. NET® and Windows Mobile™ 2003 equipped Pocket PCs, Pocket PC cell phones, Smartphones, tablet PC’s, handheld PC’s and industry specific devices. For more information, call 888-97-POWER or visit

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