FKI Logistex Cleco Systems Introduces Free-Roaming Maestro Aisle Crane |

FKI Logistex Cleco Systems Introduces Free-Roaming Maestro Aisle Crane

August 272003
FKI Logistex Cleco Systems Introduces Free-Roaming Maestro Aisle Crane
Automated storage retrieval crane offers flexibility and mobility for warehouse and distribution center operations

(Marietta, GA: August 27, 2003) FKI Logistex® (LSE: FKI.L) Cleco Systems, a leader in automated storage and retrieval systems and an FKI Logistex member company, introduces the Maestro free-roaming storage retrieval crane. The Maestro combines the virtues of automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) for aisle operations with the aisle-changing flexibility of a very narrow aisle (VNA) truck.

Uniquely suited for pallet and case picking applications from 40 to 70 feet, the Maestro features twin masts and PLC controls that provide superior stability, safety and performance. The floor-running Maestro has exhibited superior performance worldwide for more than 20 years and has evolved into Cleco's flagship machine. Client sites include Boeing, DLA (United States Government Logistics Agency) and QVC.

With a flexible cab layout and load handling capability, the Maestro offers maximum productivity for high-density storage applications. Featuring top guidance and electric operation, Cleco's Maestro can be used in either free-roaming or fixed-aisle applications.

Benefits of the Maestro include reduced operating expenses, energy efficiency, and higher equipment utilization due to less downtime. The Maestro yields increases in facility throughput, increased order accuracy, and reduced order fulfillment time.

Maestro features include its all-electric, free-roaming technology and the capability to run in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode. The Maestro is ideal for cold storage applications, including grocery warehouses, and offers a capacity of 3300 lbs. (1500 kg) in either a single- or double-deep storage mode. Using synchronized traversing or rotating forks or telescopic shuttles, the Maestro also features an in-aisle battery charging system.

"The Maestro is a solution for Cleco clients in a variety of industries and operations," says Ken Matson, president of FKI Logistex Cleco Systems. "Its flexible technology offers warehouses and distribution centers the mobility and capacity to maximize their aisle-picking capabilities."

For more information, contact David Abels, Koroberi, Inc., by phone at (919) 960-9794 ext. 22 or by e-mail at [email protected]. For sales information, please contact Percy May, FKI Logistex Cleco Systems at (770) 795-9077 ext. 223 or at [email protected]. Visit FKI Logistex Cleco Systems on the web at
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