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Flexa opens U.S. operations

March 12, 2012 - AerosUSA, located in Harrisburg, PA., is the North American operation for Flexa cable protection systems.

Flexa, founded more than 60 years ago has been developing, producing and selling top-quality polyamide and metallic cable protection systems.  The key benefits to itscable protection systems are: 

  • They are a safe, reliable system that is easy to install.
  • Ingress protection conforming to recognized test methods: IP66, IP68, IP69K, Nema 4, Nema 4X, Nema 6, Nema 6P.
  • Applicable for temperatures between -60°C up to +230°C. (High temp products up to 800°C).
  • High compression strength.
  • Free of silicone, cadmium and halogen.
  • Outstanding fire safety performance. Self-extinguishing.
  • Weathering resistance: very good resistance to UV rays and atmospheric corrosion.


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