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G3-PLC Alliance for smart grid adds 11 new members

May 4, 2012 – The G3-PLC Alliance announced that eleven new members have joined the international alliance whose goal is to promote the G3-PLC communications standard. These companies are all key stakeholders in the smart grid ecosystem, including utilities, equipment manufacturers, test labs and semiconductor makers. The approval of the G3-PLC standard by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and the broad based Alliance membership, now give utilities the confidence that the interoperable G3-PLC-based equipment and tools will be available for their upcoming projects.
The ITU recently approved the G3-PLC protocol as a new low-frequency, OFDM-based narrowband powerline communications (NB-PLC) standard. The G3-PLC is the first NB-PLC standard that supports the IPv6 internet protocol to allow new internet-based energy management systems for use by utilities and grid operators to better manage their assets on the grid. Utility companies can now plan their deployments utilizing G3-PLC technology to achieve cost-effective smart grid systems that will meet customers’ needs today and in the future.
New members include MRSK, the Russian electricity distribution, construction and research company, and Atos Worldgrid, an energy systems integrator. Also joining are three equipment manufacturers, Elster offering measurement-and-control and systems integration, Iskreameco delivering energy measurement systems, and devolo AG providing communications solutions to the Smart Grid. In addition, four semiconductor companies, Accent Semiconductor, Enverve, Freescale, NXP and Renesas join LAN testing laboratory to round out the newmembers.
“By adding new members to the Alliance we not only gain more momentum for G3-PLC by having more products, but we also are better able to verify the specification and learn from the different experiences of the members,” said Jean Vigneron, General Secretary G3-PLC Alliance.
These industry-leading companies, coupled with the G3-PLC founding members, encompass all levels of the smartgrid industry, attesting to the significance and growing investment in G3-PLC technology. Products and solutions based upon the G3-PLC technology are available today -- from communications chip sets to full-scale deployments -- giving credibility to the standard’s acceptance and momentum. The feedback from these key companies will ensure that the G3-PLC specification will continue to evolve in order to provide the features and capabilities that will ensure a comprehensive and successful smart grid.
“We at Atos Worldgrid are excited to become a member of the G3-PLC Alliance,” commented Pierre Marlard, Director Innovation, Solutions and Marketing. “G3-PLC is a very promising powerline communications standard and as a systems integrator we can share our experience in large scale interoperability testing. We have already started integrating this technology in our products, solutions and projects.”
“Elster is proud to join the G3-PLC Alliance and work with other industry leaders to develop the next generation of PLC standards to meet the evolving needs of future smart metering and smart grid projects,” said Kim Norgaard, Vice President, Elster Electricity International.
All member companies are committed to the success of the G3-PLC technology, and will be instrumental in the rapid deployment of this technology. Members are dedicated to research or developing products based on G3-PLC, promoting the technology worldwide and participating in various technical working groups, interoperability testing and certification of their products.
About G3-PLC
G3-PLC is a global, open powerline communication protocol specifically designed for smart grid communications and recently standardized by the ITU. It enables smart metermanagement, control and monitoring of the electrical distribution network, energy management, electric vehicle charging, lighting control and other smart grid applications. The key objectives of the G3-PLC Alliance are to certify the compliance of new G3-PLC products to the specifications, to insure their interoperability, and to help manufacturers and end users to develop and use the G3-PLC technology efficiently.
The G3-PLC specification is designed to operate in 10-490 kHz frequency bands and is compliant with CENELEC, FCC and ARIB regulatory bodies. It was designed to meet the following requirements:
Robustness: communications profile suited to operate in severe noisy environments such as low–voltage lines, long-range communications in medium-voltage lines.
Performance: bi-directional digital communications with data rates up to 300 Kbps   
Simplicity: simple to implement, install (Plug-and-Play), operate and maintain
Security: it offers a safe environment using an AES-128 cryptography engine
Scalability: Supports IPv6 for new internet-based energy management systems and applications for utilities and DSO’s to better manage their assets on the grid.
Cost: Long range communication and reliable data transmission reduces the number of repeaters. Plug-and-Play architecture and intelligentmesh networking reduces installation time.
G3-PLC Alliance Members:
EDF– www.edf.com
Enexis - www.enexis.nl/site/
ERDF - www.erdfdistribution.fr/Accueil
MRSK - www.holding-mrsk.ru/eng/
Atos World Grid – www.atos.com
Maxim - www.maxim-ic.com/landing/?lpk=485
STMicro - www.st.com/internet/com/home/home.jsp
Texas Instruments - www.ti.com
Cisco Systems – www.cisco.com
Elster – www.elster.com
Iskraemeco – www.iskraemeco.si/emecoweb/eng/index.html
Itron - www.itron.com/Pages/default.aspx
Landis+Gyr - www.landisgyr.com/en/pub/home.cfm
Nexans – www.nexans.com
Sagemcom - www.sagemcom.com/index.php?id=1760&L=0
Trialog - www.trialog.com/
devolo AG – www.devolo.com
Accent – www.accent-soc.com
EnVerv - www.enverv.com
Freescale Semiconductor – www.freescale.com
NXP Semiconductors N.V. – www.nxp.com
Renesas Electronics Corporation – www.renesas.com
LAN, The Laboratoire des Applications Numériques - www.lanpark.eu
For more information on G3-PLC and how to join, please visit www.G3-PLC.com

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