Garrettcom to Feature Web Security, Managed Switches for Factory Floor and Outdoors, FTA at ISA Expo |

Garrettcom to Feature Web Security, Managed Switches for Factory Floor and Outdoors, FTA at ISA Expo

October 142004
Sept. 30, 2004 , Fremont , Calif. – At the ISA Expo next week, GarrettCom™ Inc. will demonstrate a variety of products aimed at making industrial Ethernet applications secure, cost-effective, flexible, and redundant.

The featured product line is GarrettCom's Magnum™ 6K family of Managed Ethernet Fiber Switches, which offer modular, per-port fiber access from 10Mb to 1Gb. The switches feature industrial-grade management features and are available for three application environments: wiring closets, hardened for factory floor, and outdoors temperature uncontrolled requirements.

Announced in summer of 2004, Secure Web Management (SWM) functionality is a new addition to the MNS-6K management software. SWM provides authentication and encryption – the same web access security technology that handles the world’s financial transactions via the web.

The Magnum 6K line of Managed Ethernet Switches are important because of their modularity, supporting a mix of fiber and copper ports, and because of their advanced management features, including standards-compatible support for self-healing rings and the most comprehensive web management and security features to be found on an industrial switch.

Magnum 6K switches are installed in a variety of applications, where their small footprint and flexible mounting hardware enable them to fit easily into minimum space.

Self-healing ring support makes them ideal for high-availability applications where connectivity failure is not an option – from factory control rooms to gravel yards and aviation maintenance facilities with far-flung stations that need to communicate.

Secure web management enables industrial users to finally take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of access to data over the web without fear of unauthorized intrusion or attack.

The third emphasis at ISA Expo is GarrettCom’s Fault Timing Analysis (FTA) software, which is offered by the company free of charge. Fault timing data are critical to implementation of redundant networks in high-availability industrial applications, however, until now, accurate fault timing has been subject to trial-and-error analysis – reinventing the wheel every time. FTA presents data to users using a simple graphical interface that shows the elapsed time, in thousandths of a second, from the start of the test; an elapsed-time counter that measures fault-detection-to-recovery times in milliseconds; and windows that display the fault times measured, the number of fault incidents recorded, and the fault-recovery min./ave./max. statistics.

About GarrettCom

Garrettcom, Inc., Fremont, Calif., designs, manufactures, and markets Ethernet LAN products for telecommunications and industrial applications. GarrettCom markets its products through a network of resellers, OEMs, system integrators, and international distributors. For more information on GarrettCom and its Magnum products, visit
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