GE Fanuc Automation Launches PACSystems™ DSM324i and FANUC Beta i Series Servo Motion Control Solution |

GE Fanuc Automation Launches PACSystems™ DSM324i and FANUC Beta i Series Servo Motion Control Solution

November 092004
GE Fanuc Automation Launches PACSystems™ DSM324i and FANUC Beta i Series Servo Motion Control Solution
New Motion Controller and Digital Servos Increase Machine Uptime, Application Flexibility and Engineering Productivity

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – November 8, 2004 – GE Fanuc Automation Americas, Inc., a unit of GE Infrastructure, has launched the new PACSystems™ DSM324i motion controller –which can improve machine uptime, increase application flexibility, decrease wiring costs and labor, and boost engineering productivity. To help OEMs optimize their motion control system for end user applications, the new PACSystems DSM324i combines powerful motion features with a robust fiber optic command interface to the broad range of high performance Beta i series FANUC servos.

“High performance servo motion solutions such as the PACSystems DSM324i can dramatically improve machine cycle rates and yield (accuracy) compared to mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, stepper or other servo solutions,” said Paul Derstine, motion solutions manager for GE Fanuc Automation. “Changeover time between product runs can be reduced from hours to minutes. Additionally, the fiber optic interface to the Beta i series servos can raise system flexibility by increasing the distance between servo nodes to up to 100 meters while dramatically improving noise immunity and reducing wiring costs. The improved speed and torque range, smaller size and lower inertia of the bis series servo motors can have a significant impact on machine cycle times and design flexibility to increase overall machine efficiency.”

The tight integration of the DSM324i with the GE Fanuc’s PACSystems RX3i Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) or Series 90™-30 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) offers engineering productivity and greater machine application flexiblility, supporting a broad range of scalable I/O and communication options. Controlling up to four servo axes allows the DSM324i the capability of solving complex single- and multi-axis motion control applications. Additionally, the broad servo power and size range supported with the choice of incremental or absolute positioning feedback further extends application flexibility of the integrated system.

Higher Reliability and Long-Term Support
For increased uptime, industry-leading FANUC servos offer exceptional reliability while the global network of GE FANUC ensures long-term technical support and component availability

“Changing a motion solution impacts machine performance, ease of use, mechanical design and spare parts inventory, so OEMs need to choose their solution carefully,” Derstine explained. “However, with the backing of GE FANUC, OEMs can cover a broad range of end user applications, supported by ensured long-term availability of the motion solution to minimize costly learning curves and redesigns due to obsolescence.”

The PACSystems DSM324i features extensive built-in diagnostics, boosting maintenance utility. Absolute feedback on the FANUC Beta i series servos eliminates the need for the machine to find a home position each time it recovers from a power loss. The robustness of the fiber optic network provides high noise immunity, improving performance and system reliability to help minimize downtime.

Greater Flexibility
Engineers can deploy the PACSystems DSM324i in a centralized or distributed architecture – based on individual application requirements. This architecture choice allows the control engineer to have flexible options without needing to learn or support multiple motion solutions. Additionally, multiple DSM modules may be installed in a single system to provide more axes of motion in an application. For increased flexibility, the new motion controller supports high-speed Local Logic and I/O, performing logical decisions, and supports high-speed I/O, synchronous with the motion control system. This is ideal for applications requiring high-speed registration control such as labeling or printing.

The PACSystems DSM324i also includes a powerful electronic CAM function. An electronic CAM is analogous to a mechanical CAM but will never mechanically wear out. Electronic CAMs allow machines to perform complex motion applications that require tight coordination between multiple axes. The CAM profile can follow a master encoder mounted on the machine, another controlled axis on the DSM324i or a time-based (virtual) master source within the same controller module. Some examples of applications that can benefit from CAM profiling are rotary cutoff, flying shear, profiled container filling, and material handling.

Boosting Engineering Productivity
The DSM324i achieves single point of programming using GE Fanuc’s universal programming environment, Proficy™ Machine Edition™ software. Proficy Machine Edition provides one environment for control, HMI and motion with powerful programming and diagnostic tools and a common tag database, greatly simplifying system engineering and increasing productivity. Additionally, the plug-and-play fiber optic interface to the Beta i series servos reduces the overall commissioning and maintenance time as no configuration is needed.

About GE Fanuc Automation
GE Fanuc Automation, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan, delivers automation hardware and software designed to help users reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance profitability. With solutions and services catering to virtually every industrial segment, GE Fanuc Automation provides a diverse array of capabilities and products, including controllers, embedded systems, advanced software, motion control, CNCs, operator interfaces, industrial computers, and lasers. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, GE Fanuc Automation is a part of GE Infrastructure and combines the diverse global strengths of the GE family with the local presence customers need to design, develop and maintain their automation investments.

For more information, visit or contact: GE Fanuc Information Center, P.O. Box 8106, Charlottesville, VA 22906, Phone: (800) GE FANUC, Fax: 434-978-5205, e-mail: [email protected]

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