Grace Engineered Products announces marketing agreement with RemLive Ltd. |

Grace Engineered Products announces marketing agreement with RemLive Ltd.

For product information:

Davenport, IA --Grace Engineered Products has concluded an exclusive agreement with RemLive Ltd. to market the RemLive family of electrical safety voltage alert products in North America. RemLive® is a line of high intensity flashing indicators that act as a constant reminder of hazardous voltages within an electrical enclosure.

Bryan Rollason, President of RemLive Ltd. in the UK, said "With today's focus on electrical safety, RemLive® is an added reminder to maintenance personnel, who are working on live electrical panels, that hazardous voltage is present. It is very hard to forget that the panel is live with RemLive® flashing!"

Phil Allen, President of Grace Engineered Products said, " RemLive® fits very well with our GracePort™ "through-the-door" convenience interface business. GracePorts™ gives personnel one more reason to keep the electrical panels CLOSED, while RemLive® is a reminder of hazardous voltages within an OPEN live electrical panel"

RemLive® is built for long life, safety, and reliability with its unique redundant circuit design that includes dual flashing circuits and independent phase indication circuits. It provides a constant flashing visual "reminder" of hazardous voltages. RemLive® is available in 3-phase (Cat#: R-3P) and operates from 25-700VAC or 25-1000VDC. Mini-RemLive® (Cat#: R-1P ) is a smaller, lower cost device for single phase application and operates from 24-460VAC or 24-660VDC. Both devices conveniently mount on a DIN-rail and are UL Listed in (Canada & US) CE approved.

Great for these applications:

Any AC or DC Electrical Panel below 700VAC or 1000VDC
Panels with Multiple Power Sources or Induced EMF
Power Factor Correction Capacitors
DC Bus Voltage for Cranes & AC Drives
The GracePort™ product line brings connections from inside electrical panels to the outside in rated housings. GracePort™ are the most flexible and versatile in the industry by providing over 4000 different combinations of cables, connectors, and outlets in NEMA 1/12/4/4X and stainless steel housings with "rapid fire" 3-5 day delivery. In today's safety driven environment, it is a good idea to give maintenance personnel fewer reasons to open the electrical enclosure doors and be exposed to hazardous voltages.

For more information call Tom Howard @ Grace Engineered Products, Inc. 1-800-280-9517, 5000 Tremont Ave Ste 203, Davenport, IA, 52807
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