Grace Engineered Products Introduces VoltageVision™ Fuse Status Indicator |

Grace Engineered Products Introduces VoltageVision™ Fuse Status Indicator

November 292005
Grace Engineered Products Introduces VoltageVision™ Fuse Status Indicator
Davenport, IA: November 2005] A blown fuse indicator provides added safety for electrical maintenance personnel. Mounted on the panel exterior, this device allows personnel to see the status of fuses before accessing the panel. The VoltageVision™ R-3FS Fuse Status Indicator provides personnel with LED external indication on the state of all three fuses, thereby giving personnel the ability to begin troubleshooting electrical problems while the enclosure doors are safely closed.

For 3 phase systems, a flashing green NORMAL LED gives positive indication of a good fuse and integrity of the wire connection to each side of the fuse. A flashing red FAULT LED gives positive indication of an unconnected or open fuse.

The VoltageVisionä R-3FS is “one-size-fits-all” for most 3-phase electrical systems and operates from 208-600VAC and mounts to the outside of the enclosure in a standard ½” NPT hole. The encapsulated construction provides superior reliability and durability. The R-3FS is C-UL-US Recognized.

The R-3W Voltage Warning Indicator extends the functionality of the R-3FS by providing thru-door voltage indication.

Grace Engineered Products manufactures the GracePortÒ line of convenience interfaces. GracePortsÒ extend the data ports of internally mounted devices from the inside, to the outside of control panels. Grace provides over 6000 different combinations of cables, connectors, and outlets in NEMA 1/12/4/4X, stainless steel, and Nema 7/9 housings. All ports are clearly marked as to their function. Orders are processed in any quantities with a typical 3-5 day delivery.

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