GracePort(tm) NEMA 7-9 Hazardous Location "M7" Programming Port |

GracePort(tm) NEMA 7-9 Hazardous Location "M7" Programming Port

GracePort(tm) NEMA 7-9 Hazardous Location "M7" Programming Port
Davenport, IA --Grace Engineered Products announces the GracePort(tm) "M7 Series" line of Division I Hazardous Location Interfaces. This product line significantly broadens the vast line of GracePort(tm) convenience interfaces already available to the market. The "M7 Series" housing brings Grace's flexibility and versatility to a new set of customers who need convenient programming access in hazardous locations.

The GracePort(tm) "M7" interface eliminates the need to remove all the bolts from a NEMA 7-9 enclosure to gain programming access to the devices inside. The "M7" interface would be installed with a conduit connection to a nearby Nema 7-9 enclosure containing the programmable device. Personnel would typically obtain a "Hot work permit" and perform a "sniff test", before programming via the GracePort(tm).

GracePorts(tm) are the most flexible and versatile in the industry by providing over 4000 different combinations of cables, connectors, and outlets in NEMA 1/12/4/4X and stainless steel housings with "rapid fire" 3-5 day delivery.

Phil Allen, President said, "The demand for our products are driven by safety, convenience, and reduced contamination within electrical enclosures. Personnel have fewer reasons to open the electrical enclosure doors and be exposed to hazardous voltages. Out Nema 7-9 product brings our flexibility into a whole new set of potential applications.

For more information call Tom Howard @ Grace Engineered Products, Inc. 1-800-280-9517, 5000 Tremont Ave Ste 203, Davenport, IA, 52807
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