Green Hills forms Software Acceleration Division |

Green Hills forms Software Acceleration Division

December 10, 2008 — Green Hills Software formed a new division, Software Acceleration. Software Acceleration will provide consulting services, leveraging the company’s extensive software performance engineering expertise, to make products run faster, use less power, and require less memory. Software Acceleration utilizes an extensive library of advanced profiling and optimization tools, combined with expert application methodology, to ensure success - backed by a Software Performance Guarantee.

“We have been focused on making programs run faster for over 25 years,” stated Dan O’Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software. “We have accumulated hundreds of years of experience in software acceleration. There’s not a program I have ever seen that we cannot make run at least 20% faster. We are so confident that we are willing to back our promise with a money back guarantee, unheard of in the industry.”

“Given today’s time-to-market and functionality demands, software acceleration often gets the short end of the stick, leaving projects scrambling to meet performance and resource requirements,” said Markus Levy, president of EEMBC. “We applaud the launch of this initiative, and perhaps the launch of a new industry, focused on helping product developers reach the performance potential of their product designs.”

Leading the new Green Hills Software division is Larry Luke, vice president of sales, a seasoned industry executive. His past experience includes over 12 years in management and sales positions of development services for embedded hardware and software products.

“We offer a truly unique value proposition,” stated Larry Luke. “I have been helping customers design and develop hardware and software for many years. Optimization is something that typically happens at the very end of the development cycle, or not at all, and it is usually performed by the same people who developed the software. In some projects, features do not get implemented because the systems are just too slow. We bring tools and expertise that are specialized for software performance engineering with a few hundred years of collective experience. On top of it all, we back our work with our Software Performance Guarantee.”

Software Performance Guarantee
Customers receive a contractual guarantee in which the customer does not pay unless the agreed upon performance objectives are met.

Typical opportunities for software performance acceleration include optimizing packets per second, reducing communications latency, increasing printed pages per minute, increasing MIPS per milliwatt, and even reducing channel change times or media deletion times on a set-top box or digital video recorder.
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