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HART Foundation upgrades HART Server

October 8, 2009 – The HART Communication Foundation announces a major upgrade to the HART (OPC) Server. Using OPC data access, the new HART Server Version 3.1 supports HART 7, HART-over-IP based networks and WirelessHART gateways. The HART Server is a standardized HART Communication interface component of most major HART-enabled asset management systems. The software provides the backbone for systems to communicate using HART technology.

“Users will find the new tool improves performance of their current HART Server installations while giving them access to new applications using WirelessHART technology,” says Ed Ladd, HART Communication Foundation Director of Technology Programs. “By standardizing the communication interface, the HART Server ensures interoperability across multiple vendor host systems.”

The Foundation has developed the HART Server to facilitate serving HART data to plant networks and other high-level OPC-compliant applications. The HART Server provides easy access to HART device data anywhere on a plant network. The Server:
  • allows several applications to simultaneously access data in a HART device;
  • enables popular HMI and trending packages to access HART data;
  • connects to one or 1,000 devices using common HART I/O systems and interfaces; and
  • is cost-effective and easy to set up and use.

    The HART Communication Foundation is an international, not-for-profit, membership organization supported by more than 230 companies worldwide. Founded in 1993, the Foundation is the technology owner and central authority on the HART Protocol and provides global support for application of the HART technology. The Foundation manages and controls the HART standards including new technology developments and enhancements that benefit and support the needs of the industry. HART is the leading communication technology for smart process instruments with more than 30 million devices installed worldwide.
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