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Hermetic Switch now HSI Sensing

Hermetic Switch now HSI Sensing
April 13, 2010 - Hermetic Switch announced today that it will immediately begin operating under a new name: HSI Sensing. The company is under the same ownership, with the same staff, technology, and dedication to customers. It will continue to create and manufacture custom and standard solutions, operating no differently as it has during the last 42 years.

“We are re-branding to signal change in our corporate strategy, which encompasses our priority of dedication to our customers and delivering quality products,” said Ryan Posey, VP of Operations at HSI Sensing. “We’re also changing our name to emphasize our commitment to be a sensing solutions provider,” he said. “For customers, our name has changed, but our unwavering commitment to providing quality products and services has not.”

Company officials were careful to emphasize that Hermetic Switch was not purchased by another company and that it is managed and operated by the same people and the same technology that its customers have come to know and depend on. The company will proactively communicate with customers and vendors to ensure the change is understood. “The only discernable change that Hermetic Switch customers will see,” said Posey, “is our newly designed Web site.”

Established in 1968, HSI Sensing is an ISO 9001:2008-registered company that designs, develops, and manufactures reed switches, proximity sensors, and other sensing technologies. It provides custom and standard sensing solutions to industries including aerospace, agricultural, computer/electronic, construction, fluid processing, lawn/garden/turf, medical, military, security, and telecommunications.
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