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High-Performance Robotics and Control May Hold the Key to Future NASA Missions

July 202005
FORT MYERS BEACH, FL – July 20, 2005 – Robotic Workspace Technologies, Inc. (RWT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innova Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:IVHG), an automation technology company providing hardware and software systems-based solutions to the service, personal, and industrial robotic markets, said today that “high-performance” is the keyword at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) where intensive research and development programs are underway to support future space missions.

According to Dr. Ed Cheung, who works for Jackson and Tull at NASA GSFC, the Vision for Space Exploration will depend on high-performance technology that will enable rendezvous, re-supply, and servicing of vehicles in space. Dr. Cheung and his team are building robotic systems using RWT’s high performance controller and its advanced capabilities with which they can solve issues inherent to working in the zero gravity environment of space. NASA aims to develop space travel vehicles that will supersede the Shuttle that is scheduled to be retired in 2010. Deep space missions will utilize the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), which emphasizes extended support for humans on long missions, such as travel to Mars, which require repeated rendezvous and re-supply and very high performance controls to accomplish such tasks.

“We have joined NASA in its race for technology that will not only advance the exploration of space, but will also drive critical national technologies in power, computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, communications, metal working, robotics, and materials,” says Walter Weisel, Chairman and CEO of both Innova and RWT. “We have spent a considerable amount of time with the engineers from NASA to insure RWT’s Universal Robot Controller™ (URC™) meets the high-performance capabilities the space agency requires in terms of precision, speed, coordinated control of multiple axes beyond the six axes normally associated with robots, multi-I/O control, the ability to integrate ancillary devices like sensors, and high reliability. This is a very exciting contract for RWT and it builds on our earlier successes in the aerospace market with companies like Lockheed and Northrop Grumman. We are taking very seriously the commitment we have made to NASA and are preparing our company to be a significant contributor to NASA as it develops its plans to achieve its deep space exploration goals.”

The URC has been awarded two pioneer utility patents issued by the USPTO and a third patent is pending for all applications pertaining to the interface of a general use computer and the mobility of robots, regardless of specific applications.

Dr. Cheung and his team have broad experience with space robotics, having worked on the conceptual study for the Hubble Space Telescope Robotic Servicing Mission. “Among our challenges is to accurately simulate the operations of robots working in the zero-gravity environment of space here in our laboratories on earth. The URC can cope with the demand for high-performance dynamics with the surrogate robot arm we use for testing,” explains Dr. Cheung.

About the Universal Robot Controller
The URC is the world’s first open architecture PC controller designed specifically for industrial robots and other automated devices. It replaces the original OEM robot controller to provide the state-of-the-art in open PC automation control to support the integration of multiple devices like end-of-arm tooling, parts feeders, sensors, and other automated equipment. It can also serve as a higher-level supervisory control. The URC is programmed using the RobotScript® programming language, which was also developed by RWT. RobotScript is based on Microsoft’s Visual Basic Scripting Edition and provides an industry-standard programming environment.

The URC is operating a variety of ABB, Fanuc, Cincinnati Milacron, Kawasaki, and Yaskawa Motoman robots used in North America at Fortune 100 companies like Bayer, Johnson Controls, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and Tier 1 automotive manufacturing plants. Most customers of this revolutionary controller placed subsequent orders. The URC is covered by two (2) United States patents with others filed and a third soon to be issued.

About Innova Holdings, Inc.
Innova Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:IVHG), Fort Myers Beach, Florida, builds shareholder value by developing and acquiring technology-differentiated solutions with extraordinary potential for profitable and sustainable growth. Innova is chartered to continue expanding its growing suite of technologies.

About Robotics Workspace Technologies, Inc.
Robotic Workspace Technologies (RWT), Fort Myers Beach, Florida, is a leading provider of open architecture, patent-protected, PC controls, software, and related products that improve the performance, applicability, and productivity of robots and other automated equipment. Its technology has been applied in industries ranging from agriculture to automotive, to medical and R&D. RWT is recognized internationally for its pioneering contributions to the robotics industry. Its founder, Mr. Walter Weisel, has been a driving force in the robot industry for the past 32 years, and is a recipient of the prestigious Joseph F. Engelberger Award, recognizing his contributions to the advancement of robotics and automation.

Visit their website at www.rwt.com

About Service Robots, Inc.
Service Robots, Inc., Fort Myers, Florida, was founded specifically to enable development of technologies, applications, and markets in the service robot arena that include service robots for undersea exploration and homeland security as well as consumer-focused service robots like the robotic lawnmower and vacuum cleaner. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Innova Holdings, Inc., Service Robots will leverage the patented products, technology, and robotics expertise of RWT, as well has strategic relationships with system integrators and third-party developers to earn a leadership position in this emerging industry.

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