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Hoffman Presents New Thermal Management Options

November 172005
Anoka, MN – Effective thermal management maximizes the efficiency and life cycle of mission critical electrical components. With the addition of a new 3-Phase 460-Volt Full-Size Air Conditioner and the new T15 Subcompact Air Conditioner, Hoffman makes it easier for customers to find the appropriate thermal management solution for their installation.

“The addition of these air conditioner offerings provide thermal management options that customers have long desired,” noted Greg Quick, Hoffman Thermal Management Product Manager. “Thermal management solutions for small enclosures were virtually non-existent before the T15, while cooling options for large enclosures lacked the associated installation and operating efficiencies of 3-phase units.”

Hoffman’s 3-Phase 460-Volt Full Size Air Conditioner expands cooling selection for large enclosures. Elimination of transformers makes these air conditioners easier to wire and faster to install. Additionally, they operate more efficiently reducing energy costs.

Hoffman’s new T15 Subcompact Air Conditioner breaks new ground in thermal management by supporting the trend to smaller, more densely populated enclosures. Smaller wall-mount and shallow depth enclosures with high heat dissipation requirements often require an air conditioning system. Hoffman addresses these needs with the efficient T15 subcompact offering.

These new models are examples of the thermal management solutions available in the new Hoffman Thermal Management Products Catalog, Volume 2. The catalog includes more than 60 pages of valuable thermal management sizing and selection information as well as a broad variety of products to manage the internal environment of an enclosure.

“This catalog spotlights the importance Hoffman places on educating customers about solutions to protect their electronics to ensure long, efficient, and trouble-free operation,” noted Quick.

To request your free copy of the Hoffman Thermal Management Products Catalog, Volume 2, visit www.hoffmanonline.com, contact your local distributor or call 1-800-355-3560.

About Hoffman
Hoffman, based in Anoka, Minn., is a part of the Pentair Enclosures Group. Other businesses in the Enclosures Group include Pentair Electronic Packaging, Schroff, Pentair Enclosures Europe, and Pentair Enclosures Asia. Hoffman is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls, and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications. With 60 years of experience, extensive technical expertise and a vast distribution network, Hoffman is recognized as an industry leader providing a broad range of standard, modified and custom enclosure solutions, serving customers worldwide.
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