Honeywell Control Systems Part of Groundbreaking Sasol Plant in Sasolburg, South Africa |

Honeywell Control Systems Part of Groundbreaking Sasol Plant in Sasolburg, South Africa

Phoenix, Arizona, date TBD — Several Honeywell control systems are playing a key role in one of the world’s first fully integrated plants ¾ the Sasol normal butanol (n-butanol) plant at Sasol Midlands in Sasolburg, South Africa. The n-butanol plant is part of the first phase of the Sasol Solvents Butanol and Acrylates Complex scheduled for start-up by the end of 2002.

Colin Conway, Honeywell Project Manager, said, “This is the first time an integrated solution on this scale has been achieved in South Africa, if not globally, forever changing the traditional rules of plant management. Every activity relating to the plant will be controlled from a single hi-tech control room. This is a level of integration largely unheard of until now in industry. It is also highly unusual for most of the control systems to be supplied by a single vendor.

“Twenty-first century industry can no longer separate the elements contributing to the effective and safe operation of process plants,” Conway said. “By integrating control to this degree, we are not only providing our customer with the most advanced means to monitor plant activities, but we are also providing a cost-saving mechanism that eliminates numbers of operators each monitoring systems supplied by different vendors.”

As the main distributed control system (DCS) contractor for the n- butanol plant, Honeywell has supplied one of the most advanced process control systems - PlantScape® - as the unifying control system. PlantScape creates a complete, fully functional system by integrating with other systems at the Sasol plant. These systems range from the Fail Safe Control (FSC®) system supplied by Honeywell Safety Management Systems, to the Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) that controls elements such as fire and gas detection, CCTV, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and access control. This integration is an important safety feature that will allow Sasol to monitor movement and easily locate personnel in the event of an incident.

Honeywell Southern Africa’s technology partner, AST, installed the EBI, as well as the Distributed Server Architecture (DSA). This system solution architecture on the field interface level incorporates international Fieldbus standards - ProfiBus and the external Hart Multiplexer sub-system offering - and includes the capability for full integration to Foundation Fieldbus devices, allowing Sasol the flexibility to implement Foundation Fieldbus in the future.

Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions software - PHD Uniformance - is also part of the system. This real time data historian will enable overall plant management and troubleshooting. All data is automatically transferred to the historian, allowing management to literally play back and track events by date and time, providing a holistic “slice in time” picture of the whole plant.

The main contractor on the butanol plant is Krupp Udhe with whom Honeywell has a longstanding relationship. Honeywell has been provided with offices at the Midlands factory and is planning to extend its services to include full maintenance of systems, ad hoc engineering, parts management and replacement/repair contracts. This capability is aimed at improving customer performance through a reduction in working capital and higher availability of plant, as well as reducing the customer’s reliance on developing and keeping in-house personnel for backup and response needs.

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