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Horiba Announces ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02 Compliant Modular Sample Conditioning System

October 182005
Horiba’s MU-1000N now has a NeSSI ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02 compliant modular sample conditioning system. All components necessary for stream selection, pressure and flow indication are mounted on a common “pegboard”. All components are mounted with substrate fittings developed specifically for complex flow control applications. All flow paths, regardless of direction, are maintained on a single plane reducing system “footprint” size as much as 75% when compared to conventional tubing fittings and components. This means easy maintenance as well as a reduction in panel space, internal fitting volume, and sample purge times. Special components for water applications like pH and conductivity are available.

The MU-1000N is a UV/VIS/SWNIR diode array spectrometer that measures a wide variety of components such as SO2, CL2, NH3, H2S, N2O, and mercaptans, in a gas or liquid stream. Multi-component in-situ or online analysis is achieved by using reliable array detector and light source technologies. It provides high reproducibility and accuracy in process measurements, and a user-friendly interface. A variety of flow cells and probes with different optical paths and materials of construction are available. The MU-1000N is ideal for demanding process applications.

For more information visit www.horiba.com.
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