ifm efector Adds IP69K Rated Vibration Monitor for Washdown Environments and Outdoor Applications |

ifm efector Adds IP69K Rated Vibration Monitor for Washdown Environments and Outdoor Applications

ifm efector Adds IP69K Rated Vibration Monitor for Washdown Environments and Outdoor Applications
EXTON, PA – September 1, 2005 – ifm efector has expanded its Octavis vibration monitor product line to include a highly-durable metal unit for washdown, metalworking and outdoor applications. The monitor resists oils and coolants, withstands extreme washdowns, and tolerates harsh outdoor conditions. A variety of suitable applications include metalworking, food processing and outdoor equipment monitoring.

efector Octavis is permanently mounted on plant equipment, such as pumps, motors and gearboxes, to continuously monitor a machine’s operating condition through vibration analysis. The monitor has the processing capability to analyze a vibration signature and to predict failures in advance by sending an alarm output signal to a PLC or relay. Potential machine damage caused by unbalance, misalignment, or bearing wear is detected early and corrective actions can be implemented.

The monitor incorporates a MEMS accelerometer, analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, digital signal processor (DSP) and diagnostic electronics in a compact 40x40 mm package. These electronic components enable the monitor to gather, process and interpret vibration data. The accelerometer monitors the acceleration value via a change in capacitance signal. The A/D converter transforms the analog signal from the MEMS sensor to a digital signal. An integrated DSP performs mathematical calculations to convert the time domain vibration signal into a frequency domain signal known as Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT). The integrated DSP can process up to 32,000 calculations per second.

The monitor is a stand-alone device that has two connectors for power and software connection. A PC or laptop is temporarily connected to the monitor via its RS232 connector and setup cable for programming the sensor. A standard Micro DC connector is used to connect the monitor to a power source and output device. Updated RS485 communication permits cable runs up to 1000 meters. The new USB to RS485 communication cable enables communication from laptops without serial ports.

List price for the efector Octavis monitor Model VE1101 is $750.00 (U.S). The Octavis programming software and USB/RS485 cable list for $45.00 (U.S.) and $170.00 (U.S.), respectively. Additional wiring connectors and an impulse tester used to verify mounting location range from $20.00 to $50.00 (U.S.)

ifm efector inc. is a premier technology partner for sensors and controls. Products include proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, fiber optics, condition monitors, speed monitors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, valve position sensors, mobile control solutions, AS-i networking and Safety at Work products.
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