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I/Gear, Inc. Revolutionizes Manufacturing Connectivity With I/Gear DTU Software

June 012004
I/Gear, Inc. Revolutionizes Manufacturing Connectivity With I/Gear DTU Software
Louisville, KY, June 1, 2004 – I/Gear DTU provides connectivity between virtually all types of technologies and software applications found in the manufacturing environment, enabling manufacturers to improve the production process with the availability of real-time information.

For manufacturers, an increasing emphasis on quality and smaller lot sizes has increased the need to move information to and from the plant floor. At the same time, the implementation of new technologies and equipment in the manufacturing environment has increased the complexity of moving this data. Traditionally, manufacturers have addressed these issues with the development of custom software code, which is often expensive to create and difficult to maintain as the manufacturing process evolves.

I/Gear solves this problem by providing reliable, real-time connectivity between a wide range of technologies and systems. Intuitive wizard based screens step the user through even the most complex connections in a fraction of the time it takes to write custom code or configure monolithic packages.

“As manufacturers move towards a mass customization mode, there is an increasing need to provide instantaneous communications among the wide range of software applications and equipment they use,” said Don Korfhage, President of Advanced Production Systems. “I/GEAR is the only product that addresses this need by providing a vendor-neutral communications platform that makes it easy to provide both vertical – between enterprise systems and the manufacturing systems – and horizontal – between different manufacturing systems – connectivity.”

Korfhage provided examples of how early adopters have already taken advantage of I/Gear’s capabilities. “One major Tier One automotive supplier uses I/Gear to collect data from press shop PLCs such as the number of strokes and cycle times and transports it to a SQL Server database,” he said. “When a press goes down, I/Gear captures a fault code and triggers a page to maintenance personnel. Another Tier One supplier uses I/Gear to communicate between a SQL Server database that houses the production build schedules and appropriate bill of materials and the PLC that ensures proper execution of the order. When the operator begins an assembly, they swipe the parts with a bar code scanner. I/Gear checks that the parts are correct before providing a signal that activates production tooling and allows the operator to complete the build.”

Louisville, KY based I/Gear, Inc. produces I/Gear DTU manufacturing software, which connects a wide variety of plant floor technologies and enterprise systems, enabling applications relative to quality, productivity, traceability, and business intelligence. I/Gear DTU’s strengths are its diversity of connections, speed of configuration, and the ability to establish an infrastructure of omni-directional data transport. I/Gear, Inc has been enabling manufacturing solutions since 1986.

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