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igus Announces Farm Equipment Manufacturer Uses System E2 Energy Chain®

February 222006
igus Announces Farm Equipment Manufacturer Uses System E2 Energy Chain®
EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – February 2006 – Igus® Inc., the leading developer of Energy Chain Systems® and Chainflex® continuous-flex cables, announced today that Case IH, a worldwide leader in the farm equipment industry, has been using System E2 Energy Chain® to house and protect hydraulic cables on its line of 1200 ASM Series Planters. The 1200 Series is a top-of-the-line precision planter that delivers accurate population and precise in-row seed placement. Energy Chain plays an important role for each machine both on and off the field.

The System E2, designed to deliver high stability and long service life, guides and protects the hydraulic hoses on the planter, while simultaneously preventing debris build-up. Because of the open design of the E2, debris does not become caught inside the carrier, reducing overall maintenance to the machine. The Energy Chain stands up against the daily exposure to crop residue, wheat stubble and liquid fertilizer as well.

The System E2 Energy Chain also aids in the retraction process of the planter, which retracts to just nine feet, compared to the width of 40 feet it spans in the field. Mounted on the underside of a telescoping hitch that extends from an open to closed position, the Energy Chain guides the hoses into the nine-foot retracted position.

Paul Paluch, Planter Engineering Manager, vouched for the reliability of Energy Chain. “We don’t expect to replace the Energy Chain from igus at all,” he said, “and the machine’s life is 10 years.” Paluch also recognizes the various benefits for Case IH and its customers.

“Customers love the maintenance-free feature of the Energy Chain and we love the fact that Energy Chain is simple, cost-effective and reliable, even when compared to more expensive solutions.”

Case IH has been employing Energy Chain since the planter’s inception in 2000. To learn more about Case IH, visit www.caseih.com. To read about other igus customers using Energy Chain, visit The Application Corner at www.igus.com/applicationcorner.

About igus
Igus Inc., founded in 1985 and based in East Providence, R.I., develops and manufactures industry-leading plastic cable carriers, continuous-flex cables, plastic bearings and linear guide systems. With more than 28,000 products available from stock, the company meets the motion control and machinery component needs of customers worldwide. Product lines include Energy Chain Systems to protect and house moving cables, Chainflex continuous-flex cables, iglide® self-lubricating, oil-free, plastic bearings, DryLin® linear guide systems and igubal® spherical bearings
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