Indus Reorganizes to Support Customer Loyalty Initiative |

Indus Reorganizes to Support Customer Loyalty Initiative

February 022004
Organizational Changes Complement New Indus Service Select Programs

ATLANTA, February 2, 2004 – Indus International Inc. (NASDAQ: IINT), a leading provider of service delivery management solutions, today announced the company has reorganized its product development and customer service divisions to support a renewed focus on customer loyalty and complement new programs offered as part of its Indus Service Select™ initiative, also announced today. The reorganization is designed to optimize the company’s responsiveness to customer needs in the development of its industry-leading customer information systems (CIS)/customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and workforce management (WFM) applications and services.

As part of the reorganization, Indus has combined its separate product development teams into a single organization and merged that group with the Customer Service Division to form the Global Development and Client Services (GDCS) group. Furthermore, the company has placed the responsibility for developing strategy and vision for these products into a separate and independent Product Strategy organization.

“Indus believes that keeping our clients more than just satisfied, keeping them loyal, is the key to our future success,” said Indus Vice President of GDCS Ancel Hamilton, who leads the newly combined GDCS organization. “Combining our product development and customer service organizations will help build and maintain customer loyalty by enabling a more direct link between customer needs and product features, thereby enhancing both product quality and customer service. At the same time, an independent product strategy team will provide another resource which ensures the highest quality product set to anticipate and meet market needs --leading to an even broader market of future loyal customers.”

To further facilitate communication between the customer service and product development disciplines, Indus added a new group of “customer advocates” to the GDCS organization. Headed by Senior Director of Global Client Services Debbie Edens, customer advocates provide an important internal communication channel between Indus’ numerous customers and their related product development teams.

“A major focus in the Indus customer loyalty initiative has been removing communication barriers between customer service and product development,” said Edens. “The customer advocate team is a vital component of this strategy because we provide a proactive voice within Indus for our customers. Additionally, we are a readily available resource for product development and other groups in the company who need timely access to information related to our diverse customer base.”

This reorganization is a part of a new focus on customers at Indus, as reflected by today’s announcement of the Indus Service Select initiative. Indus Service Select offers targeted performance improvement programs to help Indus clients achieve world-class performance and best-in-class success. By enacting these strategic organizational changes and new Service Select programs, Indus plans to not only enhance its product viability and sales effectiveness; it hopes to enhance its reputation with customers as well.

“I believe the changes Indus is making show that they are listening to customers like us and are striving to be responsive to our needs,” said Mark Menkhaus, Customer Service Quality Assurance Manager at Greater Cincinnati Water Works. “Listening and responding to our needs separates Indus from other software companies vying for our business. Initiatives like this prove Indus has a true customer focus. They are committing people and developing processes and programs to ensure we have the software we need and the knowledge to use that software to gain the greatest efficiencies. This is service after the sale, and it’s truly what ‘partnering’ with customers is all about.”

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Indus is a leading provider of Service Delivery Management (SDM) solutions, which help clients in a broad array of industries optimize the management of their customers, workforce, spare parts inventory, tools and documentation in order to maximize performance and customer satisfaction while achieving significant cost savings. Indus customer, asset and workforce management software products, professional services and hosted service offerings improve our clients’ profitability by reducing costs, increasing capacity and competitiveness, improving service to their customers, facilitating billing for services and ensuring regulatory compliance. Indus solutions have been purchased by more than 400 companies in more than 40 countries, representing diverse industries -- including manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, government, education, transportation, facilities and property management, consumer packaged goods and more.

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