Industrial Expansion Drives DCS Market in India |

Industrial Expansion Drives DCS Market in India

Industrial Expansion Drives DCS Market in India

October 30, 2013 - Distributed Control Systems (DCS) shipments, after returning to pre-slowdown levels in 2010, saw strong double digit growth in 2011.  However, the market slowdown has impacted India’s DCS market for the base year 2012.  

The DCS and process automation business has benefitted from the long period of rapid growth in India.  Despite the current slowdown in economic and manufacturing activities, the manufacturing outlook in the country still looks promising.  Now, the country is focusing on faster clearance of manufacturing projects and improvement in sustained labor intensive manufacturing.  With this, the future outlook is still promising for doing business in the country.  India will continue to invest heavily in new projects.

DCS Market in India
ARC’s latest study “Distributed Control Systems for India Market Research Study” provides an in-depth analysis of the DCS business in India.  In addition to market analysis and forecasts, the study also covers the current market nuances, strategic issues, and the future outlook.  The report also highlights the factors that influence the DCS market in India and its dynamics.  

According to G. Ganapathiraman, Country Manager, ARC Advisory Group India, and co-author of this study, “The growth of the DCS market in India in 2012 was primarily due to the demand for greater capacity in mining & metals and cement & glass industries; but growth within this segment is expected to slow, returning to an at-market level over the forecast period.  The top four DCS growth industries will be electric power generation, oil & gas, chemicals, and refining, in that order.”

Growth in the DCS market has been uneven in recent years and will likely continue so over the forecast period.  ARC believes that unpredictable (and generally rising) energy costs and increased activity levels in vertical industries will tend to drive overall DCS market growth.

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