Industrial Safety Integration Announces New Version of Machinery Risk Assessment Software Package |

Industrial Safety Integration Announces New Version of Machinery Risk Assessment Software Package

March 222005
Industrial Safety Integration Announces New Version of Machinery Risk Assessment Software Package
Industrial Safety Integration is proud to announce the release of CIRSMA Version 2.1.0. Based on client feedback and industry trends the following features have been added to this already full featured machinery risk assessment software package.

This new release of CIRSMA incorporates the following improvements:

  • Point of operation copy / paste function;
  • Automatic warning of Risk Assessment versions which is approaching the closure date;
  • Additional selections in the Point of Operation screen for Risk Reduction Measures;
  • Hold to run control(s) have been added to the Risk Reduction Measures selections;
  • Explorer window displays all records in a tree structure;
  • Context Menu (Right click) for record control in the explorer window;
  • Tabs added to allow easy switching between screens;
  • Notes field added to the client and equipment screens;
  • Ability to e-mail directly from client screen;
  • Sizable dialog screens;
  • Most recent list of databases accessed in the File menu;
  • Additional menus added for record control;
  • Multiple task hazard documents can be assigned to a point of operation;

    The release of CIRSMA V2.0.0 incorporated many new features and improvements that were based on international market requirements and customer feedback.

    Additional features included:
  • An improved graphical user interface;
  • New reporting feature that provides powerful flexible reporting including pictures;
  • Reports can be exported to PDF and other image formats;
  • Software sold in 4 modules to suit individual requirements;
  • Free viewer to view, print and export data for all modules;
  • New Task Hazard module to define and document the assignment of personal protective equipment;
  • Integration of the Task Hazard Module with Risk Assessment Module;
  • International control circuit performance selection lists based on EN954, ANSI/RIA 15.06, CSA Z432, CSA Z434, and ISO 13849-1;
  • New fully integrated help files.

    CIRSMA provides a system of examining individual hazards to determine their severity, the need for access to the hazardous area, and the likelihood of a person avoiding harm should the hazardous motion occur. This concept is based on the risk assessment methodology as described in ISO-14121, ANSI B11.TR3, and EN1050. By considering individual hazardous areas rather than attempting to assess an entire machine cell as one hazardous area, suitable risk reduction methods can be assigned.

    In addition, the software includes a document management module. This feature will enable your company to prepare a long term plan and set target dates for the implementation of remedial measures. The program also provides your facility with the ability to track equipment or process modifications, and develop realistic safety policies that can help to ensure your viability. Also included in the program is a facility safety management system. This feature can help your company define what type of person should be allowed into the hazardous area, the hiring requirements for a specific task, and the corporate safety policy development requirements. CIRSMA can provide your company with the opportunity to properly document all of the steps that you have taken in exercising due diligence. This type of documentation is a valuable asset and should be available in the workplace.

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