infoteam Introduces New OpenPCS Automation Suite 2006 |

infoteam Introduces New OpenPCS Automation Suite 2006

October 252005
The new OpenPCS Automation Suite 2006 is the only IEC 61131-3 workbench certified for Portability Level by PLCopen. This documents its outstanding quality and performance. With our products we serve the international controller manufacturer who is looking for a complementary software package for its embedded controller. The combination of our cus-tomer’s hardware with infoteam OpenPCS Automation Suite gives a genuine IEC 61131-3 compliant controller.

The “Tools for Free!” licensing model is unique with infoteam and beneficial to both for the OEM and the end user. It allows our OEM customers to give away infoteam OpenPCS Automation Suite for free. This is a major benefit compared to other IEC 61131-3 products, where end users would have to purchase the engineering tools workbench beside the con-troller and thus would have an initial investment twice as high as with infoteam’s model. In addition the end user is not limited to one workstation or application development.

The OpenPCS programming system is an open framework, based on Active Document Sever technology (a special version of Active X controls). This allows an easy integration of any OEM specific tool like a CAM editor, oscilloscope and similar. This can be done without any software changes on OpenPCS, just by enhancing the relevant registry entry and ini-tialisation files accordingly. This is important, because you may upgrade your tools without any interaction necessary from infoteam side and on the other hand staying compatible with our latest releases without re-integration work. A good example for this is the HMI software Genesis32, which acts as it had been designed to be part of OpenPCS from the very be-ginning.

Important to note is, that OpenPCS supports heterogeneous, multi-resource installations and multitasking applications. This means that a project with multiple drives and one or mul-tiple controllers are all handled within one users project. This makes handling of reasonable large projects and the reuse of application code very easy.

infoteam Software GmbH
infoteam Software was founded in 1983 and now has over 60 employees who are committed to the development of software for industrial automation and medical technology. The central focus lies on interactive programming environments for industrial controllers, robotics, building and laboratory automation as well as on firmware for control, sensor and actuator engineering and communication in the area of Embedded Control. infoteam Software is the world market leader for IEC 61131-3-compatible programming environments, the global programming standard for industrial controllers.

infoteam's activities in the medical technology area focus on the development of software tools for laboratory automation as well as on automated tests and the company's professional, high-quality work guarantees the highest possible level of security in this safety-critical industry. Patient and laboratory databases and interactive graphical visualisation systems play a major role here as does the configuration of trial and analyses sequences. Relevant experience in the implementation of international standards such as IEC 61508 and statutory regulations such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and IVD has been gathered in projects for safety-oriented systems and devices for radiological tests.

Our customer base includes leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA and the Far East who operate in the areas of automation, medical technology, building management as well as energy generation and distribution.

Infoteam Software’s headquarters are located near Nuremberg, Germany.
The Asia-Pacific sales representation is located in Beijing Haidian district, China.

infoteam Software is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.
Further information is available under www.infoteam.
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