infoteam Introduces PowerMAP - Configurator for ETHERNET Powerlink |

infoteam Introduces PowerMAP - Configurator for ETHERNET Powerlink

December 132004
Bubenreuth, 13. December 2004 - ETHERNET Powerlink Standardisation Group comes up with another surprise at SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg. The approval of the IXXAT-Stacks in autumn is now followed by the announcement that infoteam Software will also develop PowerMAP, a manufacturer-independent configurator. This will be available to all EPSG members and should eliminate all compatibility problems.

Following EPSG's acceptance of the CANopen profile with hardly any modifications, the configurator was now the only missing link in the chain of ETHERNET Powerlink products. Based on the OpenPCS Automation Suite, which has fully supported CANopen for some time already, infoteam is now focusing on the development of ETHERNET Powerlink configurator.

Unusual in this respect is that the FTD Container technology is used as a basis for the OpenPCS Automation Suite Frameworks while the concept of the “Device Type Manager” is used for the configuration of the individual devices in the same form as it was developed by the Profibus User Organisation for process automation. Many companies appear to be using the ceasefire between EDD and FDT following the latest statements to develop a new generation of network configurators and the corresponding device software on the basis of FDT/DTM so that they can at least master the many fieldbus standards with a uniform user interface among the engineering tools.

Dr. Wolfgang Brendel, the Managing Director of infoteam Software, describes the special advantages of FDT/DTM for ETHERNET Powerlink as follows: “With PowerMAP, we are not just combining the related standards CANopen and Powerlink in one tool, the FDT/DTM technology also allows the users to integrate heterogeneous networks with Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus or even HART Protocol in ETHERNET Powerlink.”

Another notable feature is that PowerMAP not only offers the functions of the network and I/O configuration but also emulates the iMAP configurator that is known from Profinet with the graphical configuration of network variables. Hence, all of the functions that are provided in several tools in other systems are implemented here in just one tool. The users have been waiting for this for a long time!

infoteam Software GmbH
infoteam Software was founded in 1983 and now has over 50 employees who are committed to the development of software for industrial automation and medical technology. The central focus lies on interactive programming environments for industrial controllers, robotics, building and laboratory automation as well as on firmware for control, sensor and actuator engineering and communication in the area of Embedded Control. infoteam Software is the world market leader for IEC 61131-3-compatible programming environments, the global programming standard for industrial controllers.

infoteam's activities in the medical technology area focus on the development of software tools for laboratory automation as well as on automated tests and the company's professional, high-quality work guarantees the highest possible level of security in this safety-critical industry. Patient and laboratory databases and interactive graphical visualisation systems play a major role here as does the configuration of trial and analyses sequences. Relevant experience in the implementation of international standards such as IEC 61508 and statutory regulations such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and IVD has been gathered in projects for safety-oriented systems and devices for radiological tests.

Our customer base includes leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA and the Far East who operate in the areas of automation, medical technology, building management as well as energy generation and distribution.

infoteam Software is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.
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