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infoteam Opens Office in China

October 282005
Bubenreuth, 28. October 2005 - infoteam from Bubenreuth identifies new opportunities , above all for its software in the Chinese market. New factories are shooting out of the ground everywhere at Shenzhen speed - one story per day. The demand for machines and hence, for automation technology in general is booming. But the software is and remains very scarce.

Accompanied by the "Go International" initiative from the Chamber of Com-merce and Industry in Nuremberg, infoteam opened its own office in China, the land of apparently unlimited growth. Prior to this, the Bubenreuth-based company only had a trading partner in China as companies that wished to establish their own subsidiary were very much limited to the free trade zones on the coast. These restrictions were lifted when China joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Since the beginning of the year, opening a sales office or a branch in other cities is now a relatively simple procedure.

The Chamber of Foreign Trade in Beijing provided a great deal of practical support. Dr. Wolfgang Brendel, Managing Director of infoteam, reports: “The experience of the Chinese CFT employees and their excellent knowledge of the German language greatly simplified matters for us. Apart from the correspondence side of things, all the essential points were clarified in the course of a three-day visit to Beijing. All the formalities were discussed, interviews were held with future employees, employment contracts were signed and suitable offices were located and rented. Everything ran very smoothly.” In future, Mr. Yun Hao Jiang will serve as infoteam's chief repre-sentative and run the "Snow Garden" office near the famous technical uni-versity in Beijing.

infoteam did not find its future employees through a personnel recruitment agency but took a rather typical Chinese approach. When informing its ex-isting customers of the plans to open a new subsidiary, these were asked to recommend suitable sales engineers. Fellow students, friends, relatives and even former colleagues were informed and subsequently contacted info-team. “We were very pleased at the positive response. But we were even more impressed at the high quality of the employees that were recom-mended. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy to find suitable staff in Germany. Here, head hunters, self-appointed agencies, job centers and, unfortunately, also the labor exchange offer employees who rarely have the qualities we require. For this reason, we now focus more intently on forging good relationships with universities and third-level colleges so that highly qualified staff can be found among graduates and students who are cur-rently writing their thesis but also within the framework of practicals and working student activities.”

infoteam is confident that the expansion of business activities to China will lead to a 100 % rise in license revenue in the next three years. Given that the majority of customers operate in the areas of control and drive engineer-ing or power generation and distribution, it is expected that the demand for services will also rise significantly. In addition to adapting the products in line with the specific requirements of the market and supporting the Chinese language, customer-specific expansions will also have to be developed. Hence, infoteam aims to build up development capacity in the medium term so as to enhance its proximity to the local customers.

This was confirmed by the tremendous interest that the products from Automation Valley generated at the China High-Tech Fair. A total of 14 Bavarian companies displayed their services and products at the joint stand that was set up by “Bayern Innovativ” in Shenzhen, a city that lies directly opposite to Hong Kong on the Chinese mainland. In many discussions that were held at the event, the customers emphasized time and time again the importance of having access to local service and, above all, the necessity of their engineers receiving support in their native language so that misunder-standings can be avoided. infoteam is confident that the business develop-ment in the next year will be very positive. Customer numbers in Asia are expected to double by the end of 2006 and license revenue should reach the CNY 1.5 million mark. Were these forecasts to be achieved, infoteam would return to black figures after just one year in China.

infoteam Software GmbH
infoteam Software was founded in 1983 and now has over 60 employees who are committed to the development of software for industrial automation and medical technology. The central focus lies on interactive programming environments for industrial controllers, robotics, building and laboratory automation as well as on firmware for control, sensor and actuator engineering and communication in the area of Embedded Control. infoteam Software is the world market leader for IEC 61131-3-compatible programming environments, the global programming standard for industrial controllers.

infoteam's activities in the medical technology area focus on the development of software tools for laboratory automation as well as on automated tests and the company's professional, high-quality work guarantees the highest possible level of security in this safety-critical industry. Patient and laboratory databases and interactive graphical visualisation systems play a major role here as does the configuration of trial and analyses sequences. Relevant experience in the implementation of international standards such as IEC 61508 and statutory regulations such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and IVD has been gathered in projects for safety-oriented systems and devices for radiological tests.

Our customer base includes leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA and the Far East who operate in the areas of automation, medical technology, building management as well as energy generation and distribution.

Infoteam Software's headquarters are located near Nuremberg, Germany.
The Asia-Pacific sales representation is located in Beijing Haidian district, China.

infoteam Software is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

Further information is available under www.infoteam.

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