InPlay Technologies licenses Duraswitch to Kay-EE in China |

InPlay Technologies licenses Duraswitch to Kay-EE in China

PHOENIX, April 10, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) - InPlay Technologies (Nasdaq:NPLA) executed a non-exclusive license agreement with China-based Guangzhou Kay-EE Membrane Keyboard Switch Co., Ltd (Kay-EE), one of the largest suppliers of membrane switch panels in mainland China. Under the terms of the agreement, Kay-EE has the right to market and manufacture products using the Duraswitch patented electronic switch technologies.

"This partnership offers an excellent opportunity to expand our reach for Duraswitch in Asia," said Tim Kuhn, vice president business development for InPlay. "Seeing the need for a quality switch in the Chinese marketplace, GAC Enterprises, a U.S.-based company that sources membrane switch projects, facilitated this agreement. Kay-EE brings the manufacturing capability needed to penetrate the Chinese market."

"We offer our customers knowledge of the best materials, design and manufacturing processes needed to create high-quality switch panels. Duraswitch technology enhances our existing capability with a unique switch solution," said William Ho, president, Kay-EE.

The Duraswitch technology includes PushGate, a thin, durable pushbutton technology with crisp tactile feedback; thiNcoder, a thin-profile flex circuit mounted rotary switch that enables low-cost integration of rotary and pushbutton switches, and MagnaMouse, a flat-panel cursor control.

Duraswitch technologies can be easily adapted to meet a wide range of design requirements, giving switch manufacturers and OEMs advantages over other types of switches. The thiNcoder is an extraordinarily thin, sealed rotary switch that can be customized for any application. The PushGate offers numerous options including a normally closed option for safety switches to eliminate contact bounce and high-impact designs for abusive environments.

Duraswitch licensed manufacturers are trained and then retain control of the manufacturing process. Duraswitch receives a $0.10-0.75 per-switch royalty, based on volumes, as the technology is incorporated into control panels.

GAC Enterprises, Ltd., established in 2003, is headquartered in Ohio.

About Kay-EE
Established in 1996, Kay-EE has become one of the largest membrane switch suppliers in mainland China. Kay-EE provides switch panels for a wide range of applications such as communications equipment, industrial controls and home appliances.

About InPlay Technologies
InPlay Technologies develops, markets and licenses proprietary emerging technologies. Working with its licensees and OEM customers, InPlay offers technology solutions that enable innovative designs and improved functionality for electronic products. The company's MagicPoint technology is the only digital-based pen-input solution for the rapidly growing tablet PC and mobile computing markets. Its Duraswitch brand of electronic switch technologies couples the friendly tactile feedback of mechanical pushbuttons and rotary dials with the highly reliable, thin profile of membrane switches, making it ideal in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. InPlay is focused on further commercializing these technologies and seeking additional innovative technologies to enhance its portfolio.
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