IntelliCom Introduces New Linux Based Serial-Ethernet Development Kit |

IntelliCom Introduces New Linux Based Serial-Ethernet Development Kit

April 202005
Halmstad, Sweden, April 20 -- IntelliCom, is proud to announce the embedded NetBiter® Linux development kit. The NetBiter® is an embedded serial – Ethernet/web platform, today used by companies in more than 30 countries.

The NetBiter® Linux development kit offers companies to design their own applications for internet connectivity, serial-Ethernet, micro web servers, protocol converters etc.

Using Linux and our ready made software drivers for the hardware and applications, improves the development time and provides short time-to-market.

NetBiter® Specifications:
Ethernet port - 10/100 Mbit/s
Serial port #1 - RS232/Rs485 (Configurable up to 57.6 kbit/s)
Serial port #2 - RS232 (Configurable up to 57.6 kbit/s)
Onboard RAM - 8 - 16 Mbyte
Onboard FLASH - 4 - 8 Mbyte
Real-Time-Clock - YES, with battery backup
Onboard I/O - 2 Digital Inputs

The development kit comes with the following:
  • NetBiter® hardware
  • Software including complete Linux kernel, TCP/IP stack, software drivers, application software such as web server, email, FTP, Telnet, UDP etc
  • Cables
  • Support package with 3 incidents
  • Documentation

    Please contact IntelliCom to learn how fast you can get started.

    For more information visit

    About IntelliCom Innovation AB
    IntelliCom Innovation AB ( is a leading company in Scandinavia who develops products and solutions for embedded web/Ethernet applications, M2M, Remote Device Management and protocol converters. We offer more than 30 products supporting Ethernet, Modbus, GSM/GPRS, LonWorks, Metasys, Profibus, CAN etc Our customers are represented all over the world, such as Hitachi (Japan), Rockwell (USA) and Schneider (France).

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