INTEWORX.NET Software Division Breaks Away to Form BizWareDirect |

INTEWORX.NET Software Division Breaks Away to Form BizWareDirect

November 162004
CUMMING, Georgia – November 16, 2004 – INTEWORX.NET, an engineering firm that assists manufacturers and utilities in automating and monitoring their processes, announced today that its software division would secede to form its own company – BizWareDirect.

Bill Glover, president of INTEWORX.NET and BizWareDirect, said, “These two companies will be more successful as separate forces than they could have been as one unit.”

The company decided to split following a sharp increase in both software sales and project work. The division will enable INTEWORX.NET to focus its energy and resources on providing top-quality and cost-efficient engineering services. The split will provide BizWareDirect more autonomy in product development and sales.

Glover said, “These companies have very different goals and objectives – and different means to reaching those ends. It makes sense that they are run on separate business models. Each company will now be able to focus on building stronger, more intimate relationships with the customers, partners and industry leaders that are the most important to each.”

INTEWORX.NET has grown at a rapid pace since its founding in 2001, providing consultation and engineering services on a local and national level. Specializing in systems integration and controls, some of the company’s most recent projects include warehouse controls, wastewater treatment controls, process controls, recipe management, order tracking and inventory management. In the split, INTEWORX.NET will retain all engineering projects and respective employees.

The new software-development firm, BizWareDirect, will specialize primarily in industrial data management. The new company will offer affordable, easy-to-use software solutions that increase efficiency by making data more useful and more accessible to those who need it. All software products, as well as the development and sales teams, will move to BizWareDirect following the split. Some of BizWareDirect's software products will be offered through AutomationDirect, a BizWareDirect technology partner and leader in the industrial automation market.

For more information on BizWareDirect, or to view its complete collection of software products, please visit, or call (770) 886-5878. For more information on INTEWORX.NET or its engineering services, visit, or call (770) 886-6166.
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