Invensys demonstrates universal field device management solution for I/A Series system |

Invensys demonstrates universal field device management solution for I/A Series system

ArchestrATM-enabled component provides common toolset for configuring, monitoring, and managing FDT-compliant field devices from the I/A Series system – regardless of manufacturer or protocol

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA (INVENSYS SHOWCASE CONFERENCE) – September 9, 2002 – Foxboro, a unit of Invensys Production Management, demonstrated the I/A Series Field Device Manager (FDM) for the first time at the 2002 Invensys Showcase Conference and EXPO. I/A Series FDM software provides a universal solution for configuring, monitoring, and managing any FDT-compliant field device, regardless of device vendor or communications protocol. I/A Series FDM will become a component within the emerging ArchestrA Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

“In an ideal world, there would be a single digital fieldbus protocol and all vendors’ intelligent field devices would comply with that one standard,” said Kevin Fitzgerald, vice president of I/A Series systems technology at Invensys Production Management. “However, since today’s automation users have to deal with multiple protocols, each with its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies, the emerging FDT specification is particularly crucial, since it enables all FDT-compliant field devices – whether HART, Profibus, FF, or whatever – to be configured and accessed in a common manner, almost as if there actually were a single fieldbus protocol.”

In addition to deploying the vendor- and bus-independent FDT specification, the I/A Series FDM solution provides extended frame services that make the information from FDT-compliant field devices available to higher level applications utilizing standard XML schema. This includes valve diagnostic applications; real-time device alert applications; and preventive and predictive asset management applications, such as the best-in-class Avantis EAM package from Invensys.

When combined with Avantis EAM and other appropriate applications as part of a complete Invensys asset management solution, the I/A Series Field Device Manager can help to significantly improve overall asset availability and reduce maintenance costs for all installed automation assets – not just those that communicate via a specific protocol.

FDT (field device tool) is an open, vendor-independent specification for describing, communicating with, configuring, and accessing intelligent field devices. FDT enables a vendor to provide a universal toolset for any device from any manufacturer that complies with the specification. Several vendors have already developed and released FDT-compliant HART and Profibus field devices. Specifications for FOUNDATION fieldbus and other protocols will be available in the near future. Foxboro, and many other instrument vendors, are currently developing FDT-compliant device type managers (DTMs) for their intelligent field devices.

The ground-breaking I/A Series system from Foxboro was the first open control system to leverage the latest standard technologies to help improve plant performance, maximize interoperability, and avoid future obsolescence.

Thanks to continuous innovation and a firm commitment to preserving customers’ investment in hardware, software, training, and intellectual property, I/A Series systems and customer applications implemented more than a decade ago are just as viable today as when they were first installed. With thousands of I/A Series systems installed in plants around the world – from small, highly regulated batch plants to the world’s largest power plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries, and petrochemical complexes – the I/A Series system is clearly the most proven and reliable, continuously supported control system available.

The next generation of I/A Series A2 (“Architected for ArchestrA”) systems will enable I/A Series users to continue to leverage the latest open technologies into the foreseeable future to continuously improve the performance of their plants.

Invensys plc is a global leader in production technology and energy management. The group helps customers improve their performance and profitability using innovative services and technologies and a deep understanding of their industries and applications.

Invensys' Production Management works closely with customers in order to drive up performance of their production assets, maximize their return on investments in production technologies and remove cost and cash from their whole supply chain. The division includes APV, Avantis, Baan, Eurotherm, Foxboro, SimSci/Esscor, Triconex and Wonderware. These businesses address process and batch industries -- including the oil, gas and chemicals, food, beverage and personal health care -- and the discrete and hybrid manufacturing sectors.

Invensys' Energy Management works with clients involved in the supply, measurement and consumption of energy and water, to reduce costs and waste and improve the efficiency, reliability and security of power supply. The division includes Energy Management Solutions, Appliance Controls, Climate Controls, Global Services, Metering Systems, Powerware and Home Control Systems. These businesses focus on markets connected with power and energy infrastructure for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

The company also serves the specialized rail, wind-power and electronic manufacturing (power components) markets through Invensys Rail Systems, Hansen Transmissions and Lambda, respectively, in its development division.

Invensys operates in more than 80 countries, with its headquarters in London.

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