Invensys Donates Software Extensions for FOUNDATION Fieldbus to PACTware Consortium |

Invensys Donates Software Extensions for FOUNDATION Fieldbus to PACTware Consortium

March 142005
FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS - March 14, 2005 - Invensys Process Systems today announced that it has transferred ownership of critical software extensions for FOUNDATION fieldbus to the PACTware Consortium. These Invensys-developed extensions enable PACTware frame applications to integrate FDT-based FOUNDATION fieldbus components. This includes both DTMs (Device Type Managers), which encapsulate device characteristics; and BTMs (Block Type Managers), which manage FOUNDATION fieldbus device blocks.

PACTware, a standalone implementation of the FDT 1.2 specification, is an open-source frame application that allows field device DTMs and BTMs to be displayed as a window within PACTware's graphical user interface. With the Invensys-developed (and verified) software extensions, PACTware's capability as a vendor-independent application for configuring, commissioning, and managing intelligent field devices now encompasses all major fieldbusses: HART, Profibus, and FOUNDATION fieldbus.

"As an early and ardent proponent of fieldbus technology, Invensys firmly believes that the true benefit of fieldbus comes from providing end-users with the freedom to choose the fieldbus instrumentation and related asset management applications that work best for them, regardless of instrument or system vendor, and to do so without compromising any functionality. FDT provides that freedom. That's why we're so pleased to be able to donate these modest, yet critical, software extensions to the PACTware Consortium to be able to support FF on FDT," said Scott Bump, director of fieldbus technology development at Invensys' Foxboro Automation unit.

About Invensys Process Systems
Process Systems, a business unit of Invensys plc, provides products, services and solutions for the automation and optimization of industrial process plants. Invensys Process Systems includes industry-leading brands such as Foxboro, Triconex, SimSci-Esscor, Wonderware, and Avantis, whose products are installed in more than 100,000 plants across the world. These range from small hybrid and batch plants to the world's largest refineries, gas plants, petrochemicals plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, and mineral processing plants.

The Invensys Group ( is headquartered in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange. With 35,000 employees operating in 60 countries, Invensys helps customers to improve their performance and profitability, building value for end users and shareholders alike.

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