Invensys introduces enhanced Foxboro engineering and operations tools for the I/A Series automation system |

Invensys introduces enhanced Foxboro engineering and operations tools for the I/A Series automation system

I/A Series users don’t have to replace their control systems or applications to be able to take advantage of the latest productivity tools and user interfaces.

FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS, USA – April 25, 2002 – Invensys today announced significant enhancements to the Foxboro engineering and operations toolset for the I/A Series automation system. “FoxView/FoxDraw Version 8.0 delivers important new capabilities that enable plant control engineers to create state-of-the-art operator displays in a fraction of the time than was previously required in many cases,” said Sam Sturgis, director of I/A Series systems technology at Invensys Production Management. “These advanced capabilities can be utilized to create operator displays for new or existing systems, or to support operator displays previously created for any I/A Series systems installed over the last 15 years.”

FoxView represents the run-time portion of the Foxboro HMI software package, while FoxDraw provides the graphical display-building environment. FoxDraw provides powerful graphical tools for creating a state-of-the-art user interface, including full drawing and editing tools and a library of more than 1,200 pre-built graphics objects and symbols (tanks, valves, pipes, meters, ISA symbols, etc.) These can be pasted directly into FoxView operator displays or easily combined to configure new display objects.

The new FoxView/FoxDraw Version 8.0 enhancements add important capabilities to further improve the productivity of plant process control engineers and operators. These include powerful “alias” configuration tools for engineers and ad hoc “scratchpad” trending tools for operators.

Version 8.0 Alias connections allow library objects to be built and pre-configured in FoxDraw for later use. Each time a library object is added to a display, the alias can be given different graphical properties and connected to different I/A Series control blocks or operator actions. Using aliases, a single library object can be constructed and then used over and over again to meet the needs of many different configuration and appearance requirements. “Aliases can significantly reduce engineering time, while also reducing the opportunity for configuration errors,” said Sturgis.

Version 8.0 Scratchpad capability allows process control operators to build their own custom trend overlays and group displays with just a few clicks of the mouse right in their FoxView run-time environment, without placing any additional demands on understaffed plant engineering departments. These ad hoc Scratchpad overlays and displays (up to 20 each per operator environment) provide operators with rapid access to trend information, such as for a current process event. Scratchpad trends and overalls can be saved and then re-used, as needed.

For more information on these, and the numerous other important features of FoxView/FoxDraw Version 8.0, readers can contact their local Invensys/Foxboro representative or the Invensys Customer Satisfaction Center via phone (866-746-6477, or 508-549-2424 outside of the US) or email [email protected]. FoxView/FoxDraw Version 8.0 can also be purchased on-line at

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