IRISYS Announces Breakthrough in Non-contact Multi-Point Temperature Measurement |

IRISYS Announces Breakthrough in Non-contact Multi-Point Temperature Measurement

March 172010
IRISYS Announces Breakthrough in Non-contact Multi-Point Temperature Measurement
InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd (IRISYS), a specialist UK-based opto-electronics company, has announced the launch of a new, low-cost, non-contact multiple point temperature measurement system. Designed specifically as an on-line solution for continuous process control and remote monitoring applications, the new IRISYS IRI 1002 represents a major technological breakthrough in real-time multi-point radiometry, but at a significantly reduced cost compared with existing conventional solutions.

Enabling the continuous measurement and display of 256 simultaneous temperature measurement-points, the IRI 1002 on-line unit has been developed from the successful IRISYS handheld thermal imager, using the well-proven IRISYS proprietary pyroelectric array-based detector (ABD) system. Eliminating completely the need for sophisticated and costly cryogenic cooling, the integrated circuit-mounted ceramic detector is a 16 x 16 array, capable of generating a 256 element real-time temperature display. Operating at ambient temperature, the ABD uses similar technology to the inexpensive single-element passive infra-red (PIR) detectors used in everyday security, alarm and motion sensing systems. An optical system projects the external scene on to the detector array, enabling the temperature at each of the 256 pixels to be measured over a range from -10°C up to +600°C, at a continuous scanning-rate of 8Hz over a 20 degree field of view with a sensitivity of 0.5°K at 30°C.

Compact, fully self-contained and requiring only a 12 volt power supply, the IRI 1002 is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure, supplied complete with mounting brackets; measuring just 100mm x 110mm x 60mm and weighing less than 0.7kg. Data output is connected through an industry-standard RS232 or ETHERNET link, enabling the IRI 1002 to be interfaced with other compatible devices. Application-specific software allows system integrators and designers to install the unit as part of a networked process monitoring and control or on-line condition monitoring system. Alternatively, the output can be fed to a PC, operator control station or other human-machine interface to provide the required display and control functions.

A commercially available touch-screen operated control station, together with appropriate software can be supplied as an option if required. Temperature data from the IRI 1002 can be displayed on-screen in a variety of formats to suit individual requirements. These include a digital format with 256 separate readouts, a pixelated image in greyscale or in colour graphics, each format being selected by the operator according to preference. All versions provide user-programmable pre-set alarms, range settings and control functions.

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IRISYS is an SME founded in 1996 to develop a world leading position in the manufacture of low element count, low cost uncooled two dimensional pyroelectric arrays. IRISYS has now established a dedicated UK based manufacturing facility for the production of commercial IR detector arrays and array based sub systems and systems. The arrays are used in two different ways, as passive Array Based Detectors (ABDs) or as low-resolution Thermal Imagers. The detection products not only reliably detect targets, but can provide additional information relating to target size, location, speed, number and direction of movement. The first detection products are providing solutions in people and vehicle counting, tracking and monitoring applications. The IRISYS thermal imagers are already established in a number of thermography and condition monitoring applications.
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