ISA issues standard for power plant HMIs |

ISA issues standard for power plant HMIs

Research Triangle Park, NC (April 18, 2007) -- ISA announced that ISA-RP77.60.05, "Fossil Fuel Power Plant Human-Machine Interface: Task Analysis," has been approved as an ISA recommended practice.

The document provides guidance and suggests an approach for conducting a task analysis as part of the design and development of new control rooms/systems for power plants and for supporting major control room upgrade programs. Task analysis data, when collected early, is beneficial throughout the design process and serves to identify instrumentation needs, assist in evaluating design options, and in validating completed designs for human-machine interface concerns.

This recommended practice is part of a three-part series on the topic.

Other documents include:
  • ISA-RP77.60.02-2000 (R2005), Fossil Fuel Power Plant Human-Machine Interface - Alarms
  • ISA-TR77.60.04-1996 (R2004), Fossil Fuel Power Plant Human-Machine Interface - Electronic Screen Displays

    Within the documents, task analysis approaches are recommended during the conceptual design, preliminary design, and detailed design phases, as well as the test and evaluation of new control rooms/systems and control room upgrade/development programs. Although the relationship between task analysis and other system development techniques is briefly considered, the emphasis is clearly on the methods and benefits to be derived from a detailed analysis of operator functions and activities in the control room.

    Methods used to support the task analysis are also presented. These include the use of surveys and questionnaires, tabletop analysis approaches, and the use of mockups and walkthroughs. Applications of the data are considered for addressing a number of design-related issues.

    The purpose of the ISA-SP77.60 committee's work is to provide human engineering guidance in the design of new control rooms and the upgrading of existing facilities. The primary application is for fossil power plants; however, the documents are general enough to be suitable for similar process industries.

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