ISA Progresses on Industry Standard for Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management |

ISA Progresses on Industry Standard for Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management

March 252005
Research Triangle Park, NC (25 March 2005) -ISA -- The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society's SP95 Standards Committee on Enterprise-Control System Integration is continuing its work to develop a standard on Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management, which will be the third in the ISA-95 series.

Microsoft Corp.’s announcement on March 8, 2005 of its support of the ISA-95 series of standards as a key element of its plant-to-enterprise interoperability initiative, following a similar announcement of support by SAP in June 2004, underscores the widespread and growing recognition and use of the ISA-95 standards across the manufacturing industries.

ANSI/ISA-95 will consist of the following standards under the general title Enterprise-Control System Integration:

Part 1: Models and terminology (published 2000)
Part 2: Object models and attributes (published 2001)
Part 3: Activity models of manufacturing operations management
Part 4: Object models and attributes of manufacturing operations management
Part 5: Business to manufacturing transactions

The goal of the standards is to reduce the risk, cost, and errors associated with implementing enterprise systems and manufacturing operations systems in such a way that they inter-operate and easily integrate. The standards may also be used to reduce the effort associated with implementing new product offerings.

Drafts of parts 3 and 5 of the series have recently been issued for committee ballot.

Part 3 presents models and terminology for defining the activities of manufacturing operations management. The models and terminology defined in Part 3:

  • Emphasize good practices of manufacturing operations
  • Can be used to improve existing manufacturing operations systems
  • Can be applied regardless of the degree of automation

    Part 5 defines business-to-manufacturing transactions and manufacturing-to-business transactions that may be used in relation to the objects defined in the Part 1 and Part 2 standards. These transactions, related to required and actual manufacturing activities, bind and organize manufacturing objects and activities. These transactions occur at all levels within the enterprise, but the focus of Part 5 is the interface between enterprise systems and manufacturing/control systems. Models are introduced which provide visual descriptions of the transactions, and explanations of their connection to business and production activities.

    Dennis Brandl, editor of the ISA-95 standards and president of BR&L Consulting in Cary, NC, noted that Microsoft’s support is another strong indication of the value of the standards to ERP vendors and customers. “I’m happy Microsoft has listened to the leading edge participants in the ISA-95 standards, and is supporting that work,” he stated.

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