ISA Security Institute elects governing board |

ISA Security Institute elects governing board

Research Triangle Park, NC (25 March 2008) -- The ISA Security Compliance Institute cleared another milestone this week by completing elections for officer positions on its Governing Board. The results are:

Chairman - Johan Nye, ExxonMobil
Vice-Chairman - Ivan Susanto, Chevron
Technical Chairman - Kevin Staggs, Honeywell
Marketing Chairman - Ernie Rakaczky - Invensys

"At Chevron we believe that cyber security risk in Control System products is a shared problem and needs to be addressed collaboratively by the industry. We see the ISA Security Compliance Institute as one of the partnerships that can help the industry reduce these risks by providing baseline security compliance 'out of the box'," states Ivan Susanto of Chevron.

"Invensys is truly honored to be part of the initial ISCI Governing board. We see the ISA Security Compliance Institute as a critical step in defining compliance measures for the products and solutions we provide, creating a cyber security environment that will have significant positive impact on the industries we serve," said Ernest Rakaczky of Invensys.

"The level of enthusiasm to take on leadership roles in the Institute has been extremely encouraging," remarked Andre Ristaino, ASCI's Managing Director. "ISA has provided significant energy and support for the ISASecure program with startup funding for staff and in-kind contributions. We welcome the added energy and capabilities offered by the leaders and their respective organizations."

The ISA Security Compliance Institute will work to establish the ISASecure designation, which will identify and promote security standards-compliant process control products and systems. This designation and certification process will provide a single security compliance framework that will lower development and integration costs and enable more consistent system implementations.

The industrial controls security compliance program was inspired by industry leaders from a number of major control system users and manufacturers who investigated the feasibility of creating an organization to establish a set of well-engineered specifications and processes for the testing and certification of security characteristics for critical control systems products.

Conformant products will carry the ISASecure designation, enabling suppliers to substantiate claims of compliance and provide asset owners with an independently validated identification of compliant products when making procurement decisions.

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