ISA Toronto releases Mobile App |

ISA Toronto releases Mobile App

ISA Toronto releases Mobile App
November 20, 2012 - ISA Toronto released a mobile application.  The app is currently available as a native app on iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Phone Marketplace, and can be accessed from most other devices through the HTML5 site at
The ISA Toronto mobile app is an easy way to keep on top of section news and events through the integrated events calendar and Twitter feed.  Society news is also there thanks to the ISA Interchange news feed which highlights stories from around the world.  Last but not least, contact information for the section and its officers and a quick link to the ISA Toronto website.
The mobile app will also send meeting and event notifications directly to member’s phones through push notifications.  This, along with all of the other features incorporated in the app will help keep members up to date on what is happening around the section.  The app is free of charge and available now.
About ISA Toronto:  ISA Toronto was formed in 1948, and has been in continuous operation ever since.  ISA Toronto offers monthly members meetings along with special events and training sessions.
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