ISVI signs TechwaY as distirbutor in France |

ISVI signs TechwaY as distirbutor in France

February 3, 2014 - ISVI signs TechwaY as distirbutor in France for high-speed, high-resolution cameras.  

“It was very important to us to find a reliable and technically highly competent partner to sell our cameras to a broad field of applications in the French market,” said Gerard White, Vice President of International Operations at ISVI. “The engineering and sales teams at TechwaY represent a very high level of expertise in all aspects of successful machine vision systems. We are confident this expertise will help us reach a wide variety of customer applications that require the special attributes of our cameras.”

“The partnership with ISVI is an outstanding opportunity for TechwaY and will increase our Vision product offering with a new range of CoaXPress and Camera Link high-resolution cameras,” added Patrick Mechin, Founder and President of TechwaY. “Additionally, it will fill a gap to fully leverage the advanced frame grabbers from Matrox and the TechwaY FPGA processing card. The synergy among these products is a major key success factor.”

About ISVI Corp.
ISVI designs, produces and sells machine vision camera systems combining high-speed and high-resolution sensors with CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces for a wide range of high-end machine vision camera applications such as AOI, SPI, microscopy, factory automation, robotics, biomedical, defense and more. Customers include OEMs, system integrators, researchers, and developers.

About TechwaY S.A.S.
TechwaY, created in 2003, has developed unique skills in using FPGA technology to realize signal and image processing applications. Our solutions address projects with high density, high bandwidth data streams and with dense computing requirements. We offer standardized and versatile FPGA platforms together with software tools, customization services and distribution of 3rd party products. 

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