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IXXAT Automation Introduces CANblue, A powerful CAN-module with a Bluetooth interface

July 232003
IXXAT Automation Introduces CANblue, A powerful CAN-module with a Bluetooth interface
The CANblue offered by IXXAT is a powerful CAN-module with a Bluetooth interface. It allows the "wire-less" connection of a PC or notebook with a Bluetooth interface to a CAN system. The CANblue is thus ide-ally suitable for mobile service and also enables communication with CAN-systems that are difficult to access. The maximum distance between the PC and the CAN system can be up to 100 m, depending on spatial conditions.

With its 16-bit microcontroller system, 128k flash and 128k RAM, the CANblue is very powerful. For the connection to the CAN-system, the CANblue has an SJA1000 CAN controller and a bus interface accord-ing to high-speed or as an option low-speed standard. Operation with 11 and 29 bit identifiers is supported as well as baudrates of up to 1 Mbit/sec.

The CANblue is supported by the proven IXXAT CAN-driver VCI ((Virtual-CAN-Interface), which is included in the scope of delivery. Therefore all Windows-based application programs that use this driver can be used directly with the CANblue. In addition to customized test and service programs, this also includes the IX-XAT canAnalyser/32 and the CANopen Configura-tionStudio.

Another software program in preparation will enable the connection of two CAN-systems via CANblue modules (bridge function) and allow the use of CAN-blue via simple protocol by other devices that support Bluetooth (e.g. PDAs).

General information about IXXAT Automation GmbH

Based on more than 10 years of continuous growth of the Steinbeis-Transferzentrums Prozeßautomatis-ierung (stzp), the IXXAT Automation GmbH was established in 1998 in order to meet the increased demand for services, products and system solutions. From the beginning, stzp was, due to numerous innovative con-tributions, involved in the now world-wide successful introduction of CAN as the industrial communications standard, especially in the fields of industrial automation as well as mobile applications. IXXAT is an active member of all important committees of the CiA (CAN in Automation). After years of focusing on the fields of CAN technology, we also offer Intranet and Internet solutions as well as TCP/IP based products and services as another main effort of IXXAT Automation.

As of January 2000, IXXAT provides work for 35 employees, predominantly engineers skilled in electronic engineering and computer science and has a certified quality assurance management according to ISO9001.
Our customers are well-known companies all over the world which are located in the industrial and automo-tive area.

IXXAT supports its customers completely in the establishment and application of communication systems based on CAN and TCP/IP, from seminars and consulting, hard- and software outlining, development and implementation of hard- and software solutions, to the supply of a complete product line.

For more information please ask for our company introduction brochure and product catalog

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WeingartenTel.: +49-(0)7 51 / 5 61 46-0
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E-mail: [email protected]
Internet: www.ixxat.de
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