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IXXAT Automation Introduces CANopen Master API Version 4 for Windows

IXXAT's CANopen Master API is a software package that allows the fast and easy development of a CANopen Master application running under Win-dows.

The software package contains two components, a CANopen-Firmware which runs on the board and a programming interface (CANopen API) in form of a single Windows-DLL. All active ISA/PCI interface boards as well as the PC Card and the USB/CAN modules are supported by the CANopen Master API.

The new version 4 of the CANopen Master API sup-ports all functions according to the latest CiA stan-dard 301 (Version 4.02), this includes Heartbeat and Bootup Messages as well as the SDO Block Trans-fer. The new SDO data transmission mechanisms can handle message sequences with unlimited length.

In addition to the new functionality the CANopen-Master-API provides all CANopen specific functions (Sending/receiving of SDOs with timeout monitoring, sending/receiving of PDOs, SYNC generation, emer-gency handling, network management, cyclic node guarding and heartbeat monitoring).

The user can access the CANopen Slave device data by means of a function interface, which allows the direct access to the CANopen Slave devices and their corresponding object dictionaries. TX- and RX-PDO data are processed directly by the user pro-gram itself. Advantage of this solution is the very low overhead and the resulting high performance.

For program development every Windows develop-ment system can be used. Programming under Vis-ual Basic is specially simplified by a COM component included in the software package.
All this makes the CANopen Master API to a perfect solution for the development of control software as well as service and test programs.

General information about IXXAT Automation GmbH

Based on more than 10 years of continuous growth of the Steinbeis-Transferzentrums Prozeßautomatisierung (stzp) the IXXAT Automation GmbH was established in 1998 in order to meet the increased demand for services, products and system solutions. The vast experience of stzp, gained from multiple customer specific hard- and software development tasks as well as system solutions for well-known clients all over the world, was the foundation for IXXAT and has since then been extended continuously. From the beginning, stzp was, due to numerous innovative contributions, involved in the now world-wide successful introduction of CAN as the industrial communications standard, especially in the fields of industrial automation as well as mobile applications. IXXAT is an active member of all important committees of the CiA (CAN in Automation). In this capacity we are able to share the newest developments and trends with our customers, immediately and competent. After years of focusing on the fields of CAN technology we also offer Intranet and Internet solutions as well as TCP/IP based products and services as another main effort of IXXAT Automation.

As of January 2000 IXXAT and stzp provides work for 35 employees, predominantly engineers skilled in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. Our staff has a specific Know How on all significant technologies of micro electronics, computer science and industrial communication. Due to successful efforts in the fields of development, manufacturing and delivery of electronic devices we are capable and reliable in cooperation with our business partners to deliver large volumes of electronic devices.

Our specific Know-How as well as the extraordinary qualification of our engineering staff is a guarantee for the continuous extension of our services, products and system solutions and we take pride to meet customer expectations towards a reliable and effective develop-ment and system solution provider on a very high level.

IXXAT has a certified quality assurance management according to ISO9001. We see the effectively supervised quality management not only as an obligation, but also as a vital concern and a key for a long lasting and trustful customer relationship.

IXXAT supports its customers completely in the establishment and application of communication systems based on CAN and TCP/IP, from seminars and consulting, hard- and software outlining, development and implementation of hard- and software solutions, up to the supply of a complete product line.

For more information please ask for our company introduction brochure and product catalogue.
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